#BlackHistoryMonth: 30 Black Influential Leaders Pushing for Change in the Plus Size Industry

#27: Danielle Young

Website: | Instagram: @thedanielleyoung

This writer, producer, journalist and host, now working at Essence, continues to break barriers in media, using her voice to celebrate people of color. She is not afraid to ask hard-hitting questions either. She went viral for questioning Rupaul on the lack of diversity on his show while in the press room at the Emmys last year. She told the NY Daily News:

“I definitely had some trepidation because I know how a black journalist asking the hard questions is perceived. I knew there would likely be backlash and that people would think because I asked a question like this that I was somehow taking away from RuPaul’s win. I wasn’t coming for or calling out RuPaul. I simply made an observation and asked a question about it. I think it would be powerful to see the very community RuPaul’s show is about, represented behind the scenes of it. So I asked how he felt about it. I didn’t want to ruffle feathers, go viral or negate his win. I had the space, so I asked the question.”

Her media presence is so needed and we know she will continue to use her voice to push for more diversity and representation of people of color.