Lane Bryant To Launch First-Ever Mannequins with Diverse Skin Tones

Lane Bryant is ending Black History Month on a diverse note.

The plus size fashion retailer will be rolling out a new set of revolutionary mannequins featuring a variety of skin tones, which is reflective of the brand’s ethnically diverse consumer base.


The size-14 mannequins come in four skin tones, taking inspiration from the beauty industry, which has made strides in showcasing different skin tones in marketing campaigns and in-store ads.

Lane Bryant is the first major retailer in North America to launch mannequins with different skin tones, according to the brand. These mannequins will make their first appearance at Lane Bryant’s new Columbus, Ohio store.

This is a great addition to their in-store imagery, mailers and social media channels, which feature customers of different skin tones.

It’s so important for customers to see models and mannequins that they can identity with, so this was a smart choice for Lane Bryant to make as we enter a new decade.

Kudos to Lane Bryant for making this move!

Stay tuned to the blog for updates on what other stores will be included in the mannequin roll-out and IF there will be mannequins in different sizes as well.

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