It’s Women’s History Month: Here’s 10 Women Making a Difference In The Plus Size Community

#9: Mirna Valerio – Plus size athlete, public speaker and author

When Valerio started her blog Fat Girl Running in 2011, it was simply to document her journey of being a plus size woman who runs. Nine years later, The Mirnavator is not just running marathons but empowering others to be active at any size.

She told Buzzfeed in 2017:

“My body shape and size is not an asset for fast running, but the fat that I have on my body is definitely helpful in terms of endurance — I can run, bike, and walk forever. I’ve faced some criticism, but it’s usually from people who are negative about everything; the sport is largely very inclusive. If you look at any race, you’ll see a range of bodies: tall, short, big, small, fat, whatever. Those bodies are out there doing their thing, and even if you don’t have what’s considered a typical ‘runner’s body,’ you can do it too.”

Here’s just a few of the amazing things she has done to spread her message of being active at any size… She has appeared on the Kelly Clarkson show (here), was featured in a Calvin Klein campaign done in conjunction with Women’s Health talking to the “Love Yourself” fitness movement, has worked with REI as a brand ambassador and was chosen as a 2018 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.

In 2017, her book A Beautiful Work In Progress hit the shelves, a memoir detailing her journey from first-time racer to ultramarathoner.

She currently runs the FATGIRLRUNNING Group on Facebook, a community of nearly 15k athletes in bigger bodies who focus on being fit, not losing weight. Valerio’s commitment to supporting other runners shows. She flew all the way to Washington state to meet a group member in real life and run her first 50K with her.

Valerio continues to inspire a new generation of athletes of different sizes, shapes and ages with the message that you can do anything you set your mind to.



You can purchase A Beautiful Work in Progress here.