#MyPlusJourney: Plus Size Comedian Erica Watson On Building a Media Empire, Dating & More!

Plus size comedian Erica Watson continues to be a major figure in the plus size industry, defying stereotypes in Hollywood and beyond.

Our #MyPlusJourney series will share the many stories of those within the plus size community who have persevered and thrived throughout their lives despite immense challenges. These individuals continue to inspire and empower others in the process.

Erica Watson

During Women’s History Month, we are honoring amazing women within our industry who are doing incredible things and Watson is definitely one of them.

The comedian, actress, writer and director is an incredible powerhouse, having been a leader in the plus size industry for several years, inspiring others along the way to know that anything is possible, no matter what your size or age.

From her critically acclaimed Fat Bitch comedy show and supporting role on Showtime’s The Chi to guest host duties on Windy City Live Chicago and being the face of Avenue’s Show Your Confidence campaign, as well as having her own beauty line with NENA Cosmetics, Watson has an impressive resume that shows her versatility and talent.

She’s now ushering into the new decade with new projects that continue to expand that resume, laying the foundation for an epic media empire. We chatted with Watson about the next chapter in her career and more.

PMM: New decade, new projects! Please tell us all about your new dating podcast called “Get in The Game”.

EW: “Get In The Game” is my love letter to every single woman who keeps losing in the game of love. I’ve struggled with dating over the years as many women have. But I think many times it’s because we really don’t know the proper way to date. So I decided that from now on, I will date multiple men at once. At least 5… with the goal of building a “Dream Team” of players to be on my roster. I’m looking for my point guard, my center and my power forward. I will put them in rotation and hopefully win a Championship Ring! <laughs> It’s all in fun and if you tune in, you can hear my journey as a Coach and build your own team too.

PMM: You’re also planning to direct a short film called “The Waiting Room”, which you also wrote. What is the film about and what inspired you to take on a director role?

EW: “The Waiting Room” is a dark comedy about a woman who meets an interesting stranger in the waiting room of a medical clinic. It’s hilarious but also super smart, analyzing how a chance encounter with a random stranger can make you think differently about your life.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Film Directing years ago from Columbia College Chicago and it’s about time I put it to use. Before I did stand-up comedy, I was writing and directing, but took a break to make folks laugh. Now I’m back on track to pursue my first love and true passion… writing and directing. I plan to start a GOFUNDME campaign in May to help fund the movie and am aiming to start shooting this summer.

PMM: As a fat Black woman in the entertainment industry, what advice would you offer other plus size women of color about pursuing a career in Hollywood?

EW: Go for it! Do it NOW!!! What are you waiting for? You are talented and brilliant. You deserve to shine and the world needs to see your light. Study your craft, take it seriously and don’t stop until you reach the top. The time is NOW!!!

PMM: You’re launching a new media relations company called “The Brainstorm” this Spring. What will your company offer and what’s your goal with The Brainstorm?

EW: The Brainstorm will allow me to help entrepreneurs, small businesses and brands get the exposure they need to be successful. I’ve always loved to AMPLIFY amazing people and help them reach their customers and fans in a major way. Think of me as your brand’s best friend and biggest cheerleader! Stay tuned for The Brainstorm!

Special thanks to Erica Watson for talking to us and for her passion in celebrating and supporting others. We are in awe of how she turned her comedy career into a major empire that empowers others to be their best selves.

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