What ONE Woman Can Do!

What ONE Woman Can Do!

I want to say it must have been about seven years ago that I remember this beautiful, curvy and tan young woman with the most beautiful eyes coming up to me after a fashion show to introduce herself.

She told me she was interested in plus size fashion and helping to create an industry like never before. She handed me a big book, the History of Fashion in Puerto Rico. She had traveled to NY with this book and I thought it was such a beautiful gesture. (It’s one of my most prized possessions.)

Suzanne Ujaque knew what she was up against, a culture where PLUS SIZE is not celebrated and being bigger is not better. I’ve watched her grow and support women, men, and designers that feel the same as she does. And today Puerto Rico is not the same because of this woman, her team, her family and her faith.

I’m so blessed to call her a friend and to have been able to see her influence grow and reach people of all ages. My personal dream to help support the plus-size industry in Puerto Rico was made possible because of her efforts and I’m so excited to share her story this month.

One woman… one vision and countless lives changed. That’s how I would describe this month’s cover model.


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