Coming Together

Coming Together

Never before have I see our community come together the way I have seen ever since our lives completely changed due to COVID19 (coronavirus).

Big brands have been trying to support the industry and their customers, designers have been supporting the need for additional masks for our healthcare workers and our influencers may be at home but they are finding creative ways to engage and inspire their followers.

Coming Together - Madeline Jones

And while our world and way of life is under attack PLUS Model Magazine has joined our community to bring you information that keeps you informed and safe via our social media channels,  as well as content that will inspire and prepare you to hit the ground running once we have seen these challenging times through.

Coming Together - Madeline Jones 2

Our small businesses need your support as well as our content creators.

If you can, please shop, like, comment and share their posts. A kind word would also mean a lot, at the end of the day behind every social media account are regular people just like you and me who are facing the same challenges in today’s climate.

Stay home… stay positive and stay active.

We are in this together!