Inclusivity in Beauty Now!

Inclusivity in Beauty Now!

Opinion Piece by Guest Contributor Demee Koch

Inclusivity in Beauty…

Inclusivity in Beauty… Seeing 6 white faces and one brown one isn’t diversity. #BlackLivesMatter

Don’t settle for an inclusivity ratio that leaves you wondering if you only squint your eyes really hard you’ll be able to see the diversity (attempt). Don’t settle for brands that think diversity means the same skin tone but different hair colours! Sounds about white?!

I started my career in the beauty industry over 2 decades ago.

While I am truly aware of the fact that different skins have different needs – Be it from colour, shape or age (yes, diversity and inclusion means elderly people, too) – I absolutely would never understand how you could aim to only serve one privileged group of the world – full stop!

I am blessed with my work in creating grooming concepts (little mini-holidays whilst getting a neat and tidy appearance) and developing cosmetic products with active ingredients with my beauty brand. I truly find joy in making people look good. To touch lives, to make them happy. The gratification of seeing someone happy is the constant prize I get. 

We all want to look good, and we want to make use of what’s available in the market, BUT without having to think we need to change our actual selves.

The aim should be to fall in love with ourselves, creating self-love to be able to give love unconditionally. We’re all unique, and we need to celebrate that.

Why would you want a brand and their commercials make you feel like you’re not good enough? Anyone in the beauty industry loves to play with colours, so why would you trust a beauty brand that does not implement human colourism? Let’s be harsher on brands who have never contemplated any diversity. Diversity is the true beauty.

The current #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackTransLivesMatter movements brought brands internationally under continued scrutiny for their (bad) behaviours towards people of colour.

Fashion and beauty companies that are making it hard to be a black employee is just one example. And there has always been plenty of insensitivity right there on the surface. BUT black lives are never off-brand!

My beautiful souls out there, let’s use your purchasing power! What makes me crazy and different is that I think everything is possible. And I believe we can lead a change by consciously choosing beauty brands that celebrate every aspect of beauty. Let’s dig deeper to find out who is being true and human, who is compassionate.

– Demee Koch

Demee Koch is the founder of the conscious beauty brand DE MOI,, a social, ecologically friendly, and cruelty-free brand, offering high quality and results-driven pharma-grade beauty products made with principles of honesty and fairness.

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