is life a series of tests

Is Life a Series of Tests?

We are living during unprecedented times because of COVID-19. One could even say life right now very much seems like a series of tests. 

  • How long can you go without a comfortable supply of toilet paper? 
  • How many meals can you cook without going to the supermarket more than once a week? 
  • Are you washing your hands enough during the day? 
  • Can you really practice social distancing when shopping outside?
  • How many people that you know will contract or die from COVID-19? 
  • Can you withstand the feeling of angst and discomfort in your house day after day?  
  • Can you get a new job during this global pandemic?  


Let’s face it. We are being tested. We are being tested as a nation, as a country, and as a species. The decision-makers around the globe will need to keep this in mind as they make decisions that affect our everyday lives. 

Outside of what so many of us are dealing with, there are other types of tests that we can embrace for our personal and professional endeavors. Let us discuss… 

#1 Strength Tests


Do you know what type of leader you are? Can you identify your top 5 strengths? If not, this is the perfect time to get those answers by taking the Gallup’s CliftonStrengths 34. This test will help you identify your natural strengths and talents, so you are can become more self-aware about who you are and want you want out of life.  

#2 Career Aptitude and Assessment Tests 


Whether you are currently working or you are home with a lot of time on your hands, taking career aptitude and assessment tests will help you navigate your career journey with a deeper understanding of what you want out of your career based on your unique personality and traits. 

Check out some really cool courses and skills-based tests HERE.

#3 Food Allergy Tests (including Leaky Gut Testing)  


Recently, I was diagnosed with a leaky gut and I have made radical changes to my nutritional and exercise regimen. It has been incredibly rewarding living with a lot less inflammation, bloating, digestive pain, and unrest. Without taking a food allergy and leaky gut test, I would not have known how my diet was causing me so many problems in my life. If you are having similar physical pain, you do not have to continue in pain. You can order a food allergy test at home with everlywell and a leaky gut test with the Floré Gut Test.

#4 Language Skills Test 


Learning a new language is something we should all strive to do. More importantly, there is something we can actually do about it. Have you tried using the Duolingo app to learn a language? Currently, I am brushing up my Spanish skills on the app and it is muy beno! ¿Te registras hoy?

#5 Mindless Social Media Tests 


Of the many tests we take in life, the really fun and mindless ones on social media can be quite enjoyable. Have you taken any OMG tests? If not, you are in for a real treat. 

Share in the comments, which tests you are excited to take TODAY!  

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