Our Latest Style Crushes of the Week on Instagram

Our Latest Style Crushes of the Week on Instagram

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Looking for style inspiration?

Instagram is a great way to see people of all sizes showcasing their individual style. Whether your style focuses on current trends or vintage fashion, you’re sure to look at fashion differently and be inspired by what you see on Instagram.

We all have our style crushes and as an ode to those special people, here’s some of ours that we are spotlighting this week…

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When I was growing up, I remember my mother taking me shopping. She would always preface the conversation by saying, “Daniel, remember this store may not have your size, but I don’t want you to go get upset or discouraged.” The “husky” section was always very limited and thrown in the back of the store because quite frankly, nobody cared about the select few little, fat boys that needed clothes to go back to school or at least that’s how I felt. This was my first time feeling like my body wasn’t good enough and that something was wrong with me. ⠀ ⠀ I grew up with that. I can’t tell you how discouraging it still is today to go into so many retail stores and still not be able to find anything besides a graphic tee, accessories or shoes. Yes, sizes have been extended tremendously and I’m so glad that we have more now than we ever did, but it’s still not enough.⠀ ⠀ Some of you may have never experienced this, but I want you to take a step back and actually think about how that would feel and what that could look like if you never found clothes for yourself by actually going into a store. That’s been my story for over two decades. ⠀ ⠀ I find joy in knowing that one day we will all be able to shop the same and no little boy who’s bigger than the majority of his classmates will feel discouraged and defeated after a back to school shopping trip. Until then, I’ll continue to find creative ways to make sure that my individual fashion moments as a fat, black boy are expressive, memorable, unapologetic and iconic. I refuse to let my story in this body be told any differently! ⠀ ⠀ Thanks for coming to my @ted Talk. (👈🏾 Also, this is a manifestation moment for me. This is me manifesting that I’ll do a TedX Talk on this very subject and because I believe, the universe has no choice but to release it to me! Remember this. 🤞🏾)

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Today I’m twinning with @eclectickurves ! She has this dress too! Head over to her page to see how she styled it!! We got it from @target! It is @lisamariefernandez and it was part of the designer collection! My obsession with pink is getting out of hand lol. I blame these Millie Bobbie Brown Chucks. I’m always trying to find something to wear with them! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #psootd #psmodel #bodypositive #fatshion #fashionforwardplus #goldenconfidence #visiblyplussize #tcfstyle #effyourbeautystandards #honormycurves #plusmodelmag #pmmlovemybody #celebratemysize #WeWearWhatWeWant #FatNerd #psblogger #loveislove #wednesday #thicklaces #meangirls #onwednesdayswewearpink

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