Beauty Is For Everyone - Here’s How to Shine Your Brightest

Beauty Is For Everyone – Here’s How to Shine Your Brightest

By Guest Contributor, Demee Koch

Beauty does not come in a certain form, shape, or color.

We are surrounded by beauty, it is everywhere, and within us. The moment we choose to see the beauty in everything, we ourselves shine the brightest.

Beauty is in how we treat others, in creativity, in how we do our thing.

Beauty practices should support that little blush, the skin glow, that smile, that twinkle in our eyes, that move with the open body language. Already the basics in beauty practices are enough to let us shine!

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all kinds of beauty products! Keep it coming! There is a BUT. Recently, beauty standards have been uniformed. There is a contouring strategy, a definition on eye brows and lips. This is not what beauty is about at all. I kind of see it as a global misunderstanding, a miscommunication. It misses the point that there is beauty in uniqueness, and in flaws.

Self-care is an act of self-love.

We should always start by supporting our mental balance and wellbeing. Any shortcoming in this foundation can be hidden with make-up and colors temporarily. But, let’s face it, would you want to live in a house that only has a pretty facade, but is not well looked after inside?

Our happiness is the most valuable gift we can share with the world.

It is the highest form of appreciation of life. When we awaken a joy from within, and open our eyes to the full spectrum around us, when we act in kindness and are truly open to all that is offered to us, it brings out our inner beauty. Let’s celebrate that glow!

Beauty products that are naturally sourced, and bring us power-botanical ingredients are the finest way to support our appreciation for ourselves, our bodies. When we begin to truly aim for happiness, kindness, and openness, everyone will see it in our eyes – and why not put a focus on them with some fine products? 

With everything I know that is out there in the world of beauty, be it products, influencers or ad campaigns, we need to focus on the full spectrum of beauty.

When we decide to bring in color, it should be on a naturally beautiful foundation that is filled with self-love – and thank god there is no make up removal for self-love!

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Demee Koch is the founder of the conscious beauty brand DE MOI, a social, ecologically friendly, and cruelty-free brand, offering high quality and results-driven pharma-grade beauty products made with principles of honesty and fairness.

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