Fit Modeling 101: Your Model Bag, Always Be Prepared!

Fit Modeling 101: Your Model Bag

Fit Modeling 101: Your Model Bag, by Guest Contributor Alia Parise – Fit Model and Graphic Designer. Follow in IG @lady_amalia_ and @aliaparisedesign

Always Be Prepared! Supplies for Your Model Bag

Being a fit model is both similar and different from being a fashion/print model. The main similarity is that you do not want to be caught without supplies! But as a fit model, what supplies do you need? Here is a comprehensive list from a person who is always prepared for anything!

Let’s Talk About The Model Bag

The Model Mag

I personally carry a large black tote (or duffel bag) that is stain resistant with a flat base. You want stain-resistant or a fabric that is easy to clean. You will most likely keep this bag in the trunk of your car, the bottom of your closet, or an easily accessible corner, etc. so it should be durable. Let’s also mention the various clients’ offices that may have hardwood, carpet, or even concrete floors! You want your bag to have some sturdiness to it so it can stay looking nice and clean as it will deal with many types of surfaces. 

My model bag tote also has several outside pockets for all the little things you will need to carry, which I’ll mention shortly, and one to two inside dividers for organization. I also recommend a shoulder strap in addition to handles for when your bag gets a little heavy.



Okay you need the basics: nude and black panties and thongs. Some clients want no lines, some want the natural look, so always carry both. You will also need a molded cup bra and an unlined bra. Again, the clients will usually specify but always have both on hand. 

If you can fit more than one bra size, in other words, a 40DD=38G, bring examples of the bra sizes you fit to show clients the comparison if the occasion arises. I fit a 40DD with one client and they were surprised and interested to know that I could fit a 38G with another brand, and they kept it in mind for future fits.

SPECIAL NOTE! When you fit with a client and they measured you in a specific bra, because they need your bust to be a specific measurement, always wear that same bra when fitting with that client. If you need to change that bra or wear a different bra for any reason, let them know.


Shoes for your models bag

You will need a pair of flats and a pair of heels to go in your model bag. Go to the fitting in what shoes you are comfortable in but always have the other pair on hand. Trust me! I had one client that was very impressed that I carried my heels with me so they could see how long garments looked with heels. 

If you want to wear sandals, wear a pair that is easy to slide on and off. No extra straps, buckles, or ties that will take time to do and undo. As a personal recommendation, please no flip flops. You want to appear as professional as possible. If you have worked with this client for years and it doesn’t bother them, that is a completely different story. 

Clothing for Your Model Bag

Model Bag clothing

I usually go my fittings in skinny jeans and a cami top for ease of measuring, but always be comfortable. If this is not your go-to, pack a pair of leggings and a tank top. You will want to wear something that is easy to change in and out of, but the idea is for them to see your body.

PRO TIP: Do a little research! If you are fitting with a brand name client, try to go to the casting or fitting, wearing their garments. Fitting with a client that does activewear? Show up dressed for the part in athletic leggings and a sports top! 

Lady Extras

cup inserts or pads

Let’s face it, we’re not all symmetrical! You might need to bring cup inserts or pads. Go to a few fittings and get a feel for it. And you might need lady supplies. You don’t want to face any surprises! Especially if your fitting runs for several hours. 

models bag

And the basics for your model bag: deodorant (spray or regular – make sure it won’t leave marks), hair ties or clips, and band-aids (if you’re slipping in and out of shoes many times they come in handy!)

Random but Useful – From Real Experiences

models bag accessories
Protective gear for your models bag
  • Measuring Tape: occasionally you need one, whether you need to measure yourself or if the tech people need an extra.
  • Safety Pins: Seriously! I have been to more than one fitting where they were not prepared and fit me with straight pins! Ouch!!
  • Washable Marker: on occasion, they need to mark your skin where garments should lay, and a washable marker can do wonders. An old reliable Crayola works great!

Last Thing!


Carry a folder, book, or binder to carry your invoices and model cards in your model bag. This is a good idea in case clients give you their business cards or other paperwork. And don’t forget your pen!

I hope this was helpful to all of you! It is a pretty in-depth list for newcomers but once you get into your groove, you will know what you do and don’t need to carry with you. I wish you all the best!

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