6 Reasons To Start Meditating Today

6 Reasons To Start Meditating Today

Start Meditating…

Hello! My name is Natasha and I need to meditate. Why do I say this? I am EXTREMELY high energy! I wake up early every day to start my daily regimen of work, exercise, content creation and consumption. On a daily basis, I will get very drained and exhausted if I don’t make time to have a moment of peace and stillness where I was not looking at my phone or staring at a computer. Meditation was the solution I desperately needed. Let us discuss 6 reasons why YOU should start meditating today (if you are not already a fan of meditation)… 

#1 Takes Very Little Time  


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I have heard about the positive effects of meditation for many years, but I never took the time to look into it because I was under the wrong impression that meditation took a long time to be effective. Boy, was I wrong. Thanks to a good friend, I discovered that I could meditate for only one minute and I would feel more refreshed, calmer, and happier. How cool is that? Try out free mediations with InsightTimer.  

#2 Instant Reset  

When we are going through the trials and tribulations of life, it is easy to feel like everything and everyone is against you. But this is not true. You are not having a bad day. You are having a bad moment. When you can flip your perspective, you can focus your energy on effectively tackling the obstacle in front of you. Meditating can help you keep the perspective you need so you do not turn mole hills into mountains. 

#3 Eliminate Worry  


Worrying is a complete waste of time. It never makes a situation better nor does it make you feel any better. Instead of wasting time, energy, and heart ache worrying you can take the time to meditate and move forward with your life. 

#4 Release Control  


As a Virgo, I love control and I spend a lot of time planning my life down to the minutes. Life has a funny way of disrupting my plans over and over again. How do I deal with surprises and unexpected events? I take deep breathes and I take a moment to meditate. You cannot get upset because this is a part of the journey, we call life. Once you know the rules of the game, it is up to you to play accordingly. Don’t you agree?  

#5 Put Yourself First 


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We spend a lot of time doing things for so many other people in our lives. What about you? When is the last time you did something for yourself? Guess what? Every day you can schedule a couple of minutes in your calendar to meditate and center yourself for the day. Doesn’t that sound incredible? I dare you to prioritize yourself each and every day! 

#6 Improve Your Health 


According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), “[t]here is moderate evidence that meditation improves symptoms of anxiety. A 2014 review of the literature found that mindfulness meditation programs had moderate evidence of improved anxiety, depression, and pain, and low evidence of improved stress/distress and mental health-related quality of life.” Can you really afford not to meditate?

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