The Beauty Shift In 2021

The Beauty Shift In 2021

The Beauty Shift In 2021 – We highlight a world driven by purpose.

By Guest Contributor, Demee Koch

Post-2020, our way of life has changed significantly. Consequently, our behavior has also changed. The brutality of the pandemic has brought everyone around the world, regardless of status, to their knees. We have all been forced to change our lifestyle and put aside all planning.

The only thing we can do today is to live in the now.

This historic event made us rethink everything. We were on pause and on our own, which led us to reflect. What is luxury? Suddenly it is the freedom to move. What is of true value? It is relationships at a time when we can feel that we are all connected. 

We self-reflected on how we live and how we do things. All this while digesting shocking news which triggered strong emotions. Emotions we are forced to hide behind masks.

Living a conscious life

Suddenly there were no more events, parties nor travels. We are left to ourselves in a time of silence. This has made us face our fragility, which then led to consciousness.

We now recognize the value of what we once considered mundane. The things that we take for granted have now become the most valuable, like a walk in nature, a human interaction. We learn to see the beauty in being around people, most especially the ones we love. 

The new world we are navigating is not about moving fast anymore – fast trends and fast consumption are left in the past. We crave to see faces, their true colors and real emotions. 

All of this has profoundly changed the way we show ourselves.

The era of conscious beauty

Beauty, just like fashion, follows trends. And trends are a reflection of the current beats of the world. Our beauty regimes have now shifted to a classical approach. We choose products that are not only good for us but also for the environment and society. We are practicing a sustainable approach to beauty.

Beauty as of 2021 finally goes beyond looks. We are now entering a holistic approach to beauty that addresses our inner and outer selves. Self-care is a fundamental act of love. 

Now is the time to appreciate each moment with authenticity – Moments were we celebrate raw beauty. After all, the shift in beauty is to show who we truly are.

– Demee Koch

Demee Koch

Demee Koch is the founder of the conscious beauty brand DE MOI, a social, ecologically friendly, and cruelty-free brand, offering high quality and results-driven pharma-grade beauty products made with principles of honesty and fairness.

Photo: Demee Koch by Ryan Arbilo