Reah Norman Is Thinking Outside The Fashion Box, March 2021 Issue

Reah Norman Is Thinking Outside The Fashion Box, March 2021 Issue

When it comes to style and “Thinking Outside The Fashion Box” Reah Norman has been leading the industry working as a fashion expert and digital influencer.

Reah Norman

Her expertise in plus-size fashion has created a loyal following of people who continue to be inspired by her style and knowledge of fashion and trends. 

As we celebrate Lane Bryant’s size expansion, we decided to feature one of their most popular content creators on our cover. If anyone can prove style is for EVERYONE, it’s our cover girl Reah Norman. 

Reah Norman Is Thinking Outside The Fashion Box, March 2021 Issue

Tell us a little about yourself

My styling career started about 15 years ago as a product photo stylist, and during that time I built a freelance business, and expanded to fashion styling, focusing on the plus-size niche. I have worked with clients in lots of different styling capacities, including editorial, e-commerce, advertising, special event, personal, and special event styling, as well as on-camera hosting, fashion show coordination, writing, consulting, and of course, as a former editor at PMM!

Over the past few years I have also stepped in front of the camera as an influencer, which is also now a huge part of my business. Of course, all of this was pre-covid, and since last March I have primarily been working on influencer projects that I can safely shoot near my home, and my styling business is shifting to more of an online educational approach, as well as moving more into a lifestyle space, focusing on my life in LA, and including being a dog mom, sharing my knowledge and usage of crystals, essential oils and holistic wellness in my everyday life. Dog rescue has also become a huge part of my life over the past few years, so I am including this part of my life in my content as well. 

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Most people don’t know what a stylist actually does or how a stylist contributes to photo shoots. Could you share a little about this and how stylists work with models for their portfolios?

The stylist, specifically for print/editorial styling, works closely with the client, art director, and photographer on a shoot to bring the concept and vision to life, including location, props/background, and of course the wardrobe selection.

New and established models building their portfolios will often hire stylists to style their portfolio test shoots. If this model is signed with an agency, the stylist will partner with the model’s agent to determine the types of looks needed for their portfolio. The goal of these shoots is to showcase the talent range of the model, based on the specific clients they are targeting for work… swim, lingerie, commercial/lifestyle, or more editorial. As a stylist, I bring these looks to life, choosing colors and silhouettes that best compliment the model’s body type and overall look.

There are many different types of stylists, and depending on their natural strengths and interests, stylists can navigate their careers in specific parts of the industry.

  • Celebrity Styling – Dressing celebrities and public figures for red carpets and special events.
  • Wardrobe Styling for Motion Picture – movies, television shows, commercials, and music videos.
  • Print & Editorial Styling – advertising campaigns, magazines, and publications.
  • Fashion Show Coordination – styling for runway shows and live fashion presentations.
  • Image consulting & Personal Shopping – private clients who need assistance with wardrobe selection, shopping, closet organization, and packing for travel.
  • Fashion Writing – contributing as a fashion expert for magazines, blogs, and publications.
  • Model Portfolio Development– Advising and styling aspiring models on their portfolio development- teaming with their agent to create looks that will appeal to their potential clients.
  • Product Styling – mostly done “off-figure”, meaning it is not shot on a model.  Often times this styling is done in a controlled environment, such as a studio, although there are times the product can be shot on location as well. 
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During these unprecedented times what we wear is very different. What are the staples in your closet that keep you comfy and ready for zoom meetings?

I am loving all the comfy lounge sets, whether it is sweats and joggers, or a soft oversized sweater/lounge pant combo. If I am getting dressed for a meeting I am literally getting ready from the waist up. I throw on a cute top and jewelry with my favorite black yoga pants or joggers. A splash of color or print on top, our favorite jewelry, a little mascara and lipstick is all we need for this work from home life!

How would you describe your style?

My overall style is classic, with splashes of trend and vintage vibes. I love color and print, and my hippie heart loves anything boho, but with a modern twist. My goal is to always look polished and put together, without sacrificing comfort and functionality, and my perfect OOTD vibe is cute and comfy. Pre-covid, when I was working on set for 10+ hours a day, or running around the city prepping for a shoot, this was a MUST for me, and now that I have been working from home, I am embracing my comfy clothes even more (if possible). Whether I am working from home, out running errands (safely), or just strolling around my neighborhood with my dog BB (@dailydoseofbrutus on IG), I love having super-chic and comfy pieces that I can literally throw on and feel instantly put together.

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Straight off the runways, we are seeing mini skirts, wide leg and embellished trousers, psychedelic prints, cut-out and bareback details, feather trim, puff sleeves, sleek knits, bra tops, sheer fabrications, bubble gum pink, second-skin tops and dresses, sporty pieces, and of course all our tried and true spring classics… trench coats, floral, windbreakers, business casual, and crisp white.

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Tune into our IG Live with Reah on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, at 6 PM EST as we chat fashion, modeling and being an influencer in the plus-size fashion industry.