Plus Size Women LOVE Colors and Prints

Plus Size Women LOVE Colors and Prints


Plus Size Women LOVE Colors and Prints…

I remember sitting down with a buyer for a huge department store just a few years ago. She was plus size and around my age and proceeded to tell me how plus size women do not want to wear colors, prints, or anything form-fitting. She took out her spreadsheets and showed me her proof.

My answer: if that is all your offering that is what she thinks she deserves.

She grew up feeling invisible and was told to hide or blend in so there’s a percentage of this consumer that is still struggling to embrace her body. Don’t we want to help her in her journey to self-acceptance and offer her alternatives similar to her smaller counterparts?

To this day, she and I still chat about three times a year. She’s made small strides because the culture in fashion is that WE should not be seen. And while the body-positive movement has been growing, the fashion industry is still a work in progress.

This is why when Karina Dresses approached me last year about working with them I jumped at the chance. And then I actually MET Karina and understood why Karina Dresses is not afraid to work with models of all shapes, sizes, and ages and why colors and prints are so incredibly vibrant.

This spring Karina Dresses is offering so many beautiful styles and prints it was difficult to choose. The two dresses I chose are aligned with my personal aesthetic which is “I WEAR WHAT I LOVE!”

Nora Dress – Daffodil Dots

How much fun is this dress? It has nice deep pockets, a delicate v-neck and the fit is perfect. I’m wearing a size XXL which is an 18/20 and it’s available from size 0 – 28.

Nora Dress - Daffodil Dots
Nora Dress - Daffodil Dots

Cece Dress – Botanical

I chose this dress because this was such a brilliant way to incorporate yellow in the print for those consumers that love it as an accent vs the main color. The versatility of the dresses and pockets definitely is a PLUS as well. Available in sizes 0 – 28.

Cece Dress - Botanical
Cece Dress - Botanical

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