Welcome to the May 2021 Issue

Welcome to the May 2021 Issue

When we first opened up the PMM “virtual” doors, the plus-size industry was a lot different.

We did not have social media to bring us together and we were fighting just to be seen and heard, we wanted to change the narrative. Although many things have changed our mission has always been to use this platform to have conversations and bring the community together.

Body positivity and mental health are two topics that people sometimes gloss over and we have even seen companies use terms for the sake of making a dollar. I wanted to speak to someone that would take the time to share her journey to self-love and speak about why it’s so important to keep it 100% real when it comes to speaking about body positivity.

My interview with our cover model Kayla Logan is unfiltered and honest and it does not end here. We will be having Kayla as a guest on IG LIVE this month. Stay Tuned!

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Happy Mother’s Day!
Maddy xoxo