Inanna Swimwear - More Than A Swimwear Brand

Inanna Swimwear – More Than A Swimwear Brand

Inanna Swimwear…

The Inanna Swimwear collection launched Saturday, June 12, 2021. This Colombian brand is offering “Fashion for the beach & pool with a purpose.”

While diversity and fashion options have continued to expand across the United States, many other countries continue to campaign towards a more inclusive narrative and fashion industry.

About Inanna Swimwear:

Each garment in the new collection is made from recycled polyester. It is estimated that around 10 PET plastic bottles are recycled for each oversized jumpsuit.

87% of women feel dissatisfied with their body and 91% claim to have wished at least 3 times in their life to have the body of another woman. Inanna Swimwear wants that number to decrease and also the number of women who love themselves as they are and can show off their figures in beautiful swimsuits, that is our main goal.

Inanna’s mold is her own and was created based on information collected from more than 780 Colombian women who have bought or tried the brand.

Inanna Swimwear - More Than A Swimwear Brand

Behind the Brand:

Fashion for the beach and pool with a purpose, that is “Purpose”, the latest collection of swimsuits and accessories from Inanna Swimwear, a Colombian brand that is becoming women’s favorite brand. Women of all sizes who want to look beautiful during their vacation days.

Inanna Swimwear is the creation of three young entrepreneurs, two women and a man, who 6 years ago decided to end the frustration that one of the members felt every time she went to look for a swimsuit. “It was horrible to go to buy bathing suits in any Colombian store because there were never any cute ones in my size, and the ones that did fit me were the typical little skirt used by big ladies in the 80’s”, recalls Stephany Gregory, co-creator and manager of the brand.

Developing The Idea Behind Inanna Swimwear:

Although the idea of creating the brand began 6 years ago, consolidating it and starting to work on what we really wanted was not immediate, but the participation in commercial events and the presence in social networks little by little showed them the way. “When we started we thought of only doing large sizes, but we stopped and said we have to be consistent with our initial discourse of inclusion, so we started working on the entire size scale, in order to offer equal swimsuits for women. That is our business philosophy ”, added Gregory, brand manager.

One of the main pillars of the brand is the mold that they have developed, based on the information that year after year they accumulate with their clients, and that is updated as the database grows. This with the intention of achieving that the bathing suits fit much more to the body of the users who seek them.

Garments with a PURPOSE!

Each step they have taken in the world of design and business has allowed them to grow in a successful way, to the point that six years later, they will carry out the official launch of their most recent collection “Purpose” with a hybrid event (face-to-face and virtual ) that will be held in Bogotá and to which the most clients will be able to attend.

Each “Purpose” garment was created in fabric made with 81% recycled polyester, it is estimated that 10 PET plastic bottles were used for each one piece, second-skin touch, excellent elongation, and recovery, high fit to the body both dry as in contact with water. The fabrics have the brand’s own prints, which were digitally illustrated and printed in eco-friendly inks, with 0% water consumption in their process. “We use Powernet technology, which guarantees great resistance and molding capacity. This fabric, unlike other fabrics, allows the skin to breathe, avoiding excessive perspiration ”, added Adriana Chaves, creative director of Inanna Swimwear.

“Purpose is divided into three capsules, where each one has a main print, they reflect the life story of different women through linear illustrations on vibrant color bases with handmade effects,” added the brand’s designer.

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