Meet the 10 Winners of the #TeamTorrid Search!

Meet the 10 Winners of the #TeamTorrid Search!

The #TeamTorrid Search Winners…

TORRID’s “More The Merrier” Holiday 2021 campaign features 10 unstoppable women who were chosen from 8,000 entrants earlier this year. This was not a model search, this was a search for people who represent their customer base and we are absolutely loving it!

Congratulations to the #TeamTorrid ambassadors Brittany, Amanda, Angelina, Micayla, Mariah, Anushree, Avery, Barb, Monique and Hillary. 

The brand will be traveling to specific stores with their new brand ambassadors to share their personal experiences and engage with their customer base.  The new holiday campaign is inspirational for all because of its diversity and the brand’s commitment to helping women find their personal style.

This campaign is great news for the plus-size fashion industry, whenever the customer is put at the forefront it’s always a step in the right direction!

Time to celebrate!