Moving Forward With Gratitude, Joy, and Kindness

Moving Forward With Gratitude, Joy, and Kindness

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 49th birthday. And while it’s not a milestone birthday I did have a lot of feelings behind it.

First, it’s my last year in my 40’s… and secondly, it forced me to look back at the journey that has brought me to this very moment. Looking in the mirror is not easy, it’s when you see yourself unfiltered and raw and while we live in a time when children know how to use video editing apps and almost nothing we see is what it actually is, who we are inside is unfiltered and genuine.

Moving Forward With Gratitude, Joy, and Kindness

Like many of you, I thought that how you were when you were 21 years old is how you would be for the rest of your life but the truth is we are ever-evolving and it’s our choice which way we want to grow… I too had to make a choice and hard as I try, sometimes I find myself doubting my growth and intentions. Once I put those doubts behind me I hold on to what I know is true and move forward with gratitude, joy, and kindness.

We have only two more months before we begin another year and we have been through so much as a community, nation, and the world… and maybe sometimes we think ONE person cannot make a difference. The fact is, 1 person can make all the difference in the world. We can choose to be that person, or we can choose to sit in self-doubt. The difference could be in the way you help your neighbor, support your friend, volunteer, etc… Everyone has a purpose and my hope is that if you have lost your way this will be your reminder to bring you back.

Have an incredible month!

XOXO Maddy

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