Mom! Boss! Fashion! Mother’s Day Edition

Mom! Boss! Fashion! Mother’s Day Edition


To celebrate Mother’s Day at PLUS Model Magazine we decided to feature a few of our favorite model/influencer moms in a special photoshoot sponsored by Lane Bryant.

Mom! Boss! Fashion! Mother’s Day Edition

All of us have children, a career and LOVE fashion so I decided to chat them up for an exclusive social media vs reality type of interview which you will enjoy soon.

Mom! Boss! Fashion! Mother’s Day Edition

I did not grow up dreaming of one day becoming a mom, for me working was my end goal and to my surprise motherhood is where I truly found myself. And I’m not saying it’s like this for everyone, but for me, I promised myself that I would lean into motherhood while not abandoning who I am as a person. It was difficult in the beginning, I look back at pictures and wonder what made me wear THAT, and why I had not put a brush through my hair that day. But, alas I was able to find my rhythm and balance a new life.

What changed for me was that I now cherish moments, and time well-spent and I wanted to become a better person every single day in order to be the best mom for my daughter. So my meaning for success changed, I no longer strived to be AT THE TOP above all, instead, I wanted to have longevity in order to be able to work in the industry that I love while raising my child. Balancing it all is not easy and it’s something I work on every single day but here are some things that have helped me along the way.

There is no blueprint to being the perfect mom because there is no such thing.

So be the best mom that you can be and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I recently joined a moms support group for parents of children on the Autism spectrum. Not because I don’t have people I can talk to but because I wanted to be able to talk about specific challenges related to raising a teen on the spectrum.

Taking time out for yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary.

I’ve seen this quote around the internet for so long but it was not until I became a mom that I realized the truth behind it. It’s necessary to put the mommy guilt aside for a day and rest, enjoy and refresh your mind, body and soul. It could be as simple as joining a class, going away, or even sitting in the park and reading. Any time you allow yourself to refresh and replenish is not only good for yourself but for the people most important in your life.

One of my friends, Meaghan O’Connor always says… “When you look good, you feel good.”

And I have to say there is definitely something that happens to us when we look in the mirror and we look good. I definitely enjoy fashion and look forward to trying different styles and celebrating my individuality with the looks I create. Yes, we have so much going on in a day and feeling our best should be one of the top priorities.

Stay tuned for more on our cover model Lori, her adorable son Grayson and the rest of the mommies featured.

Mom! Boss! Fashion! Mother’s Day Edition
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