Diversity in Fashion, Media, and Entertainment

Diversity in Fashion, Media, and Entertainment

We have never seen as much diversity in fashion, media, and entertainment as we are experiencing today but the work is not over just yet.

Most recently I had the opportunity to speak to someone about WHY it’s so important to advocate for inclusivity and when I broke it down the person had no choice but to nod their head and say, “I get it”.

Whether they got it or not, I tried, but the nuts and bolts of the conversation centered around the fact that inclusion is not just about being seen, it’s about being included, having a seat at the table, and creating spaces where we are all welcomed. I don’t want to push another group aside to make room for others, we should be able to co-exist and contribute together. In addition, you can’t say you want to HELP with one hand and with the other take back, that is NOT inclusion, it’s not helping.

Diversity in Fashion, Media, and Entertainment

From the outside we see a lot of people saying “the right things” so they are not called out but never be fooled by words my friends, it’s people’s actions that will truly show you who they are.

This month we are so excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrating the people who work in front and behind the scenes in the plus size industry and have contributed to where we are today.

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