Sharing My Self-care List

Sharing My Self-care List

It’s hard to believe we are already one month into 2023!

For many of us we used the beginning of the year to hit that restart button and take care of things that would set us up for a bright and joyful new year.

If the month went by as fast for you as it did for me, let me share with you the self-care list that has helped me to stay focused while allowing myself grace.

Sharing My Self-care List


I live and breathe by a TO DO list because it helps to keep me focused but it can also be very overwhelming to see all the tasks I have to take care of so I have a running list of things to do and I choose 3 MUST DO for the day. I put a date on those three and start with them. If anything pulls me away from one of those three, I go back to that smaller list to complete it. If by some chance I don’t get to one of them I don’t cross it off the main list, I add it to the next day’s shortlist.


Putting myself on my own TO DO list has been something I’ve been doing for a while now and it changed so much for me. One day it means working out, one day it means getting my nails done, and other days it’s a nap. Whatever it is that you want to do for yourself, make sure you add it to your TO-DO list. Everyone else is on that list, make sure you are too!

SELF-CARE also means checking in on your emotional and mental well-being:

Many times we can feel when someone else is in need of support but we seldom check in on ourselves. Over many years of therapy and meditation, I have learned to check in on my own mental health and emotional well-being because it’s just as important as my physical health.
I attend virtual meditation sessions when I can’t attend a class physically. I also use an app to offer guided meditation when I feel like I need it. I also use TOOLS that help me when I need it.

For example, I had a really difficult email to answer and I was triggered emotionally so I walked away from the computer, put on a meditation session, and got in a cool shower. This is something I know helps to refocus me. If I was not home, then maybe I would have looked for a space to be alone, popped in my AirPods, and meditated for ten minutes before getting back to work. Having tools I can grab is essential to my own well-being. I hope this helps you too.

Some of my tools:
JOURNAL!  You can journal with pen and paper or keep an online journal such as:

Have a joyful February!

XOXO Maddy