Transformation, Featuring Romy Dya - May 2023 Issue

Transformation, Featuring Romy Dya – May 2023 Issue

We’ve been following Romy Dya’s journey for many years…

TRANSFORMATION Featuring Romy Dya - PLUS Model Magazine - May 2023

Through her music, Romy Dya has inspired so many of us to not only accept who we are but to love ourselves through the good and bad times accepting the journey that is before us. Having the opportunity to feature such a talented artist is a dream come true for PLUS Model Magazine because through every lyric she allows us to see ourselves in her. She has been open with us through her music allowing us to witness her transformation into who she is today while honoring her journey.

To listen to her music is to enter the heart & soul of this passionate artist.

Get to know our cover model Romy Dya…

We were listening to your EP “Transformation” when we were putting this interview together and it’s so deep. Can you share with those that have not heard it yet, about this EP and your music?

My motto for making music is that there is power in your weakness. Sharing my vulnerability with others through my music helps them to heal.

‘Transformation’ is about my healing journey and going from darkness to light. My life has been a rollercoaster and I’ve had a tough youth. All these years I pushed my tears away, but in 2021 I started to face the demons from the past. I had to go through it and get to the root of my pain. I had to understand where certain trauma responses came from but also certain patterns in life that kept repeating. I found peace in meditation, went to retreats, did a few Ayahuasca ceremonies, and learned to accept things and let them go with love. The EP is a message to myself as well as to others. All of the songs are intuitively created, from writing, recording to producing and mixing my EP. What I learned from this healing journey is that this is also an ongoing journey.

This year I’m also going to release a Love EP because I found love and I want to share this beautiful and transformative experience with the world.

Take us back to the beginning, was this what little Romy always knew she wanted to do?

At the age of four I already knew that I wanted to be a singer because my mom was a singer too. She was a country singer and even though it wasn’t my genre, I looked up to her. She told me to practice every day and so I did. One of my favorite artists was Gloria Estefan. I would always sing along to her song ‘Rhythm is gonna get you’ together with my dad. Those are my earliest memories.

At the age of ten I started writing my own songs in English (I’m from The Netherlands) and that has always been my therapy. I never stopped writing ever since.

We have interviewed several entertainers and many of them have told us stories about how the music industry has been very tough in regards to size and how you represent yourself. Is this something you experienced? Do you see a change in our culture for diversity and representation in the music industry?

Yes, I definitely experienced that unfortunately. I’m curvy and I’m proud of it now, but in the past, they told me a lot of times that I needed to lose weight.

Nowadays a lot has changed. Especially since Lizzo became known. She opened a lot of doors for many and is unapologetically her amazing, authentic self.

PMM: If you could do a collab with another entertainer who would it be and why?

I would love to make a song with Russ. I look up to him because like me he does everything himself, from writing to recording, producing, mixing, and mastering. He motivated me to do all of that myself and I love how he wrote a book about changing your mindset and being aware of your thoughts. You can manifest anything you want. So, I’ll manifest a song with him in 2024.

I Fkn Love Myself is the title of your 2021 album and the songs spoke to many of us because it was raw, unapologetic, and sultry all in one. Can you take us back to this time in your life and how you use your music to inspire self-love?

I created that album to remind myself that I have to love myself unconditionally. Yes, life can be a rollercoaster and we constantly change inside and outside. But I had to learn to love myself in every phase of my life. And sometimes I’m really feeling myself and some days I don’t like my Scorpio attitude and feel like shit. But even on those days I talk to myself in the mirror and I tell myself: ‘You are strong, beautiful and you got this.’

Quick FIVE:

1) Stilettos or Flats?
2) Outdoor Concert or Small Intimate Venue?

Small intimate venue
3) How would you describe your fashion aesthetic?
Goddess vibes with a touch of darkness and light
4) One thing you have learned through your journey.
Love heals everything.
5) Your favorite quote.
‘When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ Paulo Coelho.

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