Love Your Body Issue... Interview With Jada Sezer

Love Your Body Issue… Interview With Jada Sezer

Cover Model Jada Sezer…

As the industry has changed and continues to evolve so do the people who have served the community. When our cover model Jada Sezer came on the scene it was clear she was a natural but what we did not know was that she would take all she had learned while earning her Masters in Child Psychology to become a size inclusivity advocate and create actual change. A decade later, she’s a seasoned model and getting ready to take on one of the biggest roles… motherhood.

PMM: You were the first size 16 model for the ASOS brand and have worked with brands like Speedo, Tommy Hilfiger, and L’Oreal. Can you take us back to the beginning? When did you decide to pursue a modeling career and what lessons did you learn along the way?

Jada: I remember this time of my life so vividly, it was before diversity in the fashion industry was common let alone accepted, and they may have been 5 or so plus-size models that all lived in NY, working for very limited plus-sized brands. I was finishing up my Masters in Child Psychology and had worked with a lot of young girls with body dysphoria and eating disorders and could see how the media congratulated and glorified ‘being skinny’. Simultaneously Instagram had just launched and I decided to create content of myself (a size UK16/18 US14/16) and to show you can be larger and still beautiful, confident, happy, etc. My images went viral – I guess because it was refreshing content at the time – and that’s when I was approached by a modeling agent.

In the decade after that moment, I learned a lot about the industry, how reluctant it was to change at first, and how there really weren’t a lot of plus-size women internally explaining how to market to other plus-size women. Yet, there was a huge appetite because PLUS SIZE WOMEN EXIST AND LOVE FASHION.

I learned to also be resilient, as stepping into the spotlight came with hate and criticism, some people just hate change, but it’s all been worth it and a journey I’ve loved being a part of.

Love Your Body Issue... Interview With Jada Sezer

PMM: You are not only known as a professional model but as an advocate as well. Can you share with us about your advocacy work and why it’s so important for us now and the generations to come?

Jada: It’s just always been something I’ve loved doing. Being a model, just to be a model was never enough, I got into fashion to create change, give back and inspire others. Social media really helped to give me that platform to share my opinions which I may not have been able to do as easily if I had become a model before this time.

I’ve worked with Young Minds, a mental health charity for young people, helping them to reach younger people via social media and shed light on their campaigns such as policy changes in online bullying. Then I worked with Save The Children, visiting slums in Palestine and Sierra Leone, in order to raise money and raise awareness of the wonderful programs they carry out to protect vulnerable children and empower young women through education.

Currently, I’m an ambassador of UN Women UK, supporting their campaign efforts for gender equality.

For the generations to come, I just hope my work makes a small difference or at least demonstrates that your voice matters and you can make a difference. Don’t just accept things as they are.

Love Your Body Issue... Interview With Jada Sezer

PMM: At the time of this interview you are in your third trimester! Congratulations! Pregnancy is absolutely a remarkable experience and in one of your social media posts, you talk about what this phase of life has taught you. Can you share it with us?

Jada: Thank you! Wow, it’s been a ride. I think the biggest lesson has been accepting how intelligent my body can be, which I know is such a privileged experience that not all women have. But at first, I worried a lot, I wanted ‘to do’ but had to learn to ‘just be’ and let my body do its thing.

Also, learning to slow down. Being pregnant with twins is A LOT and I just couldn’t and didn’t want to keep up with the pace of life I had before. It’s all a pretty profound experience and I’m so grateful I’m able to be on this journey and in the situation I’m in.

Love Your Body Issue... Interview With Jada Sezer

PMM: We have so much admiration for the hard work and all you have accomplished during your modeling career. You used your platform to advocate for inclusion and never turned your back on the plus size industry as we have seen other models do once they reached a certain place in their careers. Will you return to advocacy work one day or will you be passing on the torch?

Jada: Firstly, a big thank you. I took a step back over the last 2 years to fill up my personal cup and slow down; to do life, fall in love, get engaged, and grow some babies haha. I think this has been vital in recharging and regenerating my inner strength to give back again.

I’m still very passionate about larger, plus-size women feeling seen and included in fashion so will be launching my own brand at the end of the year that hopefully accomplishes this goal, instead of waiting for other designers to do this consistently/authentically. I also want to wear cute styles that I can’t find, so might as well create them.

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Love Your Body Issue... Interview With Jada Sezer

PMM: I could not end the interview without asking your advice for up-and-coming models about the journey.

Stay true to yourself, remember your body is perfect, and clients that are right for you will book you. Do social media and take people on the journey with you. Leave when you no longer enjoy what you do.

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