Free Your Mind: Power Plus Wellness Event Celebrates Body Positivity in the Heart of NYC

Free Your Mind: Power Plus Wellness Event Celebrates Body Positivity in the Heart of NYC

Free Your Mind…

On October 14th, 2023, the heart of New York City was pulsating with joy and empowerment as Power Plus Wellness, a small, Latina, and fat-owned wellness company, hosted a remarkable event called “Free Your Mind.” This immersive wellness experience was designed to celebrate body positivity and provide a safe, inclusive space for plus-size individuals to prioritize their mind, body, spirit, and community connections. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the inspiring event and the incredible work that Power Plus Wellness is doing.

Power Plus Wellness: Redefining Wellness

Power Plus Wellness is a trailblazing wellness company with a mission to curate private movement classes and immersive wellness experiences for plus-size bodies. It’s a place where individuals can jiggle freely, fly with silks, unlearn diet culture, and joyfully exist together. In just two years, Power Plus Wellness has curated over 200 classes, impacting the lives of over 500 plus-size individuals. The company offers a wide range of activities, including aerial yoga, aqua cycling, reformer Pilates, belly dancing, and more, all aimed at creating an inclusive and body-positive environment.

“Free Your Mind” – The Immersive Wellness Experience

“Free Your Mind” was an exceptional five-hour event that took place by the picturesque Hudson River, setting the stage for an unforgettable day of self-discovery and self-love. The event’s core theme was to provide plus-size bodies with the opportunity to access healing together. Let’s delve into the various components that made this day so special.

Informative Sessions with HAES Aligned Panel

The Health At Every Size (HAES) movement is all about promoting body positivity and inclusivity in the health and wellness industry. At “Free Your Mind,” participants had the chance to engage in informative sessions led by a panel of experts aligned with HAES principles. These discussions covered topics such as body acceptance, mental health, and the importance of dismantling diet culture. The panelists shared their insights and experiences, offering a fresh perspective on well-being.

Community Dialogues

Community is at the heart of Power Plus Wellness, and “Free Your Mind” was no exception. The event fostered an atmosphere of open, inclusive, and empathetic dialogue where attendees shared their stories, challenges, and triumphs. It was a space where individuals could connect, support each other, and form lasting bonds with like-minded souls who understand the unique journey of being plus-sized in a world often obsessed with unrealistic beauty standards.

Unique Movement Classes

A key highlight of the event was the range of unique movement moments offered. These classes were carefully designed to cater to plus-size bodies and were an embodiment of the Power Plus Wellness philosophy. These classes encouraged participants to explore their bodies’ capabilities and experience movement in a joyful and empowering way.

“Free Your Mind” by Power Plus Wellness was a triumph, redefining wellness in a world that often marginalizes plus-size bodies. This event celebrated the power of self-acceptance, body positivity, and community support. It’s a testament to the inclusive vision of Power Plus Wellness and its commitment to creating spaces where everyone can thrive, regardless of their body size.

As we move forward in the journey towards a more inclusive and body-positive world, events like “Free Your Mind” remind us of the importance of celebrating all bodies and promoting a culture of love and acceptance. Power Plus Wellness is leading the way in this movement, empowering plus-size individuals to embrace their bodies and embark on a path to wellness that is rooted in joy and self-love.

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