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11-24-14 Featured Image - FF

Valentina Illusion Dress From Kiyonna

Plus Size Fashion Find of the Day: Valentina Illusion Dress From Kiyonna Get ready to alter the senses in this stunning Valentina Illusion Dress from Kiyonna. No matter your shape, the contrasting … [More...]

11-24-14 Featured Image - Trend

JMS Panties From Just My Size

Sponsored Plus Size Fashion Trend of the Day: JMS Panties From Just My Size Great style starts from the inside out, and that includes your intimate apparel. Like great fitting, comfortable panties … [More...]

11-23-14 Featured Image - Trend

Ivy Slip Shoulder Tee From Ellipsus

Sponsored Plus Size Fashion Find of the Day: Ivy Slip Shoulder Tee From Ellipsus The Ivy slip shoulder tee from Ellipsus is definitely a go-to item this season. Made from the softest, custom made … [More...]