Do You Meet the Criteria for Plus Size Modeling?

Do I Meet the Criteria for Plus Size Modeling?

Generally, modeling agencies are looking for plus size models who are between 5’9” and 6’0” and wear a size 10/12 to 14/16. Having said that, there ARE plus models who are making a living and do NOT fit the above criteria; I know these women personally and can attest to the fact that they have had to work harder to get to where they are in their careers.

Note: Although PLUS Model Magazine does not work with models smaller than a size 12, there are brands using models as small as size 6!

Plus Size Fit Modeling Criteria

Fit models are generally 5’7” and size 18, 20 and sometimes a 22.

Where Are Plus Models Working?

Most of the work for plus size models are in catalog, online, print campaigns for specialty brands and designers, followed by showroom, fit, and magazine editorials.

General Information for All Plus Models

You must have good skin, teeth and nails. You should not have a lot of tattoos/piercings and your hair should be healthy and in a natural color (blond, black/brown, red).

What options do I have if I don’t meet
the criteria for plus size modeling?


  1. says

    I am 25, 5’2, size 24. I am beautiful, smart, and charismatic. I have a natural talent for camera action. I have seen some girls WAY bigger (and uglier) than me modeling lingerie. I was wondering how they got so lucky if there’s a “criteria”?

  2. Amanda says

    I don’t think its fair that shorter plus size women can’t model. I am 5’3 and I meet all the requirements of plus size modeling except my height. I can throw a sexy pair of heels on & flaunt my stuff…who cares about height!

  3. Sheena Davis says

    I meet all the criteria to be a plus size model but I’m only 5’1 and I don’t think it fair that you have to be that tall. I think that you should change that. I am only 22 and I’ve recently gotten into plus size modeling and its hard to find anybody around here that does that. I have also seen plus size models as short as me get into. I would love to make a career out of this!

  4. Ashton Carter says

    I do meet all the criteria, I’m 5’9 size 18-20 all depends on designer, I am a beautiful girl have been told many times by friends and family, and I work out on the regular. I would like to begin if possible, I will send photos but I do not have profession photos at the moment. I love reading this magazine. <3

  5. Michaila says

    I’m 15 and 5ft 6 I’m not done growingyet but I’m really pretty or so I’ve been told
    Is there junior plus sized models?

  6. I'm 42, natural dark blonde, blue eyes, 5'9, size 22-24w waist size but equally proportioned. I've always been told I should get into modeling but I do have some tattoos that are discreet, small, and are normally hidden. I would love to know what my next says

    Thank you. I love reading your magazine!

  7. Niamh says

    I’m 15 year old girl , 5ft 9in , size 12/14 , dyed hair to natural ash blonde I have nice hair , nice skin and nice teeth but I don’t have nice nails.

  8. evelyn says

    well i know i got it going on…lol, just like all the ladies above. but i am 5’5 i always thought models were supposed to be skinny and tall, so when finally plus size models were on the run way swagging it out, looking all fear, taking skinny B**** Jobs….lol excuse my language, lol (hey it is what it is) it made me feel so much confident about myself. dont give me wrong, i always a thick chic, so i learned to keep my head up high, rock them hills bte my lips when they were killing me, wear my spanx but hey i do it and i love it, because i love every cuve i have (LADIES LOVE EVERY CURVE YOU HAVE AND EMBRACE IT) anyway, what i am trying to say, is “IF” we already step soooooooooo much outside the box, why are we still so picky about the height. I mean, plus size woman are everywhere…..and you will find and even height, wait let me say it this in other words, plus size beauty its in every size, you might find your next TOP model on 5’3, or 5’1……Oh, i know, some people might think that its imposible, you havent seen the way i rock a six inch hill ok, and i do not wooble, and i seen some BAD A** chics “shorter” rocking six inch hills, i mean we see them all the time…. so why not given us other beautiful plus size 5’3 or 5’5 or even 5’1 a chance to get out there ;)…. yeah you think about that… ;)
    your truly…respectfully,



  9. ERIKA says

    I’m 5″8 size 18, 21years old i’m interested in being a plus size model, family and friend have incur rage me to become a plus size model they said i’m pretty and i’m pretty and sweet person. I love my self as being plus size I like my body shape and my doll face :)

  10. says

    i am a size 14 n i meet all the criteria for plus size except my height :-( i am 5″1 but very beautiful,i know n good poses.i can flaunt my stuff in 6″ i fit to model?

  11. Kyiesha Johnson says

    Hi, Im 22 years old , but I really want to become a plus size model. The only issue is that I am 5.3 and I wear a size 14/16. What can I do?

  12. mistique says

    HI I,am 36 years old and 5:7 i wear a size 22 so my question Is am I to old to become a plus size model?,and also am I to big?I really want to get Into plus size modelling can you help me?

  13. amanda says

    hi i am 5ft 11 and busty, in perprtion,long legs blue eyes and blonde not natural but looks that wayxx bit older than 30 but told i look younger by everyone. should i try it

  14. Kyaah says

    I fit the criteria, im 19, 5’11+, size 16/18, i have clear skin…..but i have stretch marks on my upper arm. So does that mean i cant be a model or there is a solution. I want to do commercial modeling.I read alot of blogs where people talk about how to even get into the p.s modeling world, and everyone keeps saying they want “good skin”. What is good skin? Are they just talking your face? Thank you

  15. says

    Hi Kyaah,

    Clear skin means you should have the least possible blemishes and stretchmarks on your skin. With that being said, in the modeling industry many models have stretch marks and clients are accustomed to tweaking them in post production. Tattoos in the plus size modeling industry are a problem when you are modeling lingerie and swimwear unless you are only interested in working in the pin-up industry. It seems many brands do not want to pay extra to “photoshop’ tattoos.

    Hope that helps!

  16. hi says

    What are the ideal measurements for this type of modeling and what does it mean to be well proportioned?

  17. Cheyanne says

    I am 17 years old i am size 10 – 11 , 5,5 , have brown short hair and brown eyes perfect smile not bad nails and skin and have an hour glass shape for a body i know i don’t quiet fit the plus size criteria but wanted to know if its worth a shot cause i’m too big for a normal sized model :) ty

  18. Kylie says

    Hello im 26 im 6ft even i have been trying to become a plus size model for a few years now an not sure what im doing wrong…i fit all criteria an focus points just don’t know where to send my pictures to be noticed…if anyone could help ease email me thank you so much…

  19. Mel says

    I’m a 18 year old girl I’m 5’10” and wear a size 14/16 I have really good hair, nails and teeth and I would say I’m above average looking or so I have been told my only problem is I have little stretchmarks everywhere is there hope for me or should I just give up?

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