PLUS Fashion News – The Curvy Girls Guide to Wide Calf Boots… How to Buy from Low End to High

Not sure how the weather is fairing in your neck of the woods…  but for many of the PMM staffers, the weather is cold, snowy, icy and fierce! And what better past-time then shopping online for something warm… and today’s pick, wide-calf boots!

For those that have not shopped online before for boots, one of our favorite ‘go-to’ sites for selection AND education is The owner, Anna, has done a brilliant job of stocking ‘must-have’ timeless styles, as well as the season’s hottest finds… all for curvy girls! has an expertise in hard-to-fit women’s wide-calf boots in calf size to 24 inches, in size up to 13WW.

Wide Width Boots

Navigating the site…

  • The first place to start on the site is the: How to Choose the Correct Wide Calf Boot Size. This will get you up-to-speed with everything you need to know about wide-calf fit, as well as how your height factors into the equation.
  • The second place is the sale rack (just because we all like a good sale :-)

And just for a little inspiration, here are a few of this season’s PMM favorites…

All styles available online at



  1. Julie says

    Lane Bryant online also has wide calf boots that are wonderful. I have NEVER been able to find boots to fit my calves but this year I own 3 pairs of knee high boots, thanks to Lane Bryant!

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