Meet Curvy Cover Model Katie H

This month, PLUS brings you a double cover model issue!

This means two amazing plus models and two fantasitic interviews! Up first, meet Katie H…

[Maddy] Where were you born and raised?

[Katie]  I was born in Scottsdale, AZ, but I was raised all over, mainly in Wyoming and Washington State.

[Maddy] What term(s) best describes you when you were growing up?
a) I was a tomboy
b) I was very quiet and did not socialize much
c) I loved to play Princess
d) (other)_________________________________

[Katie] Defiantly A) and C) — I loved playing with the boys and getting dirty but I was always running around it Tutu’s and horrible bright make-up that I always did myself!

[Maddy] How did you first become interested in modeling?

[Katie] One day I heard the size requirements for plus size modeling and said, “Hey I am a size 12!”  Then I started noticing the plus models in the local ads in the paper and I thought, “I can do that!”

[Maddy] How did you develop your modeling skills?

[Katie] Well I learned from watching girls that knew what they were doing!  That is important, also practice, practice, practice.

[Maddy]  Tell me about your first modeling job? How did you beat the nerves?

[Katie] OMG, funniest story ever!

Well I booked my first job off of a Polaroid, so I had never had a test shoot or anything… obviously I had no idea what I was doing.  So my booker told me that there was a girl before me and to just watch what she does.  I was so scared because I had never seen a photo studio or anything.  When I got there, the other model was already finished!  I tried to play it cool, but there was no question that I was new.  I got on set and they just said, “Move around a bit.”  Okay, um what exactly does that mean to a person who knows nothing about modeling?  So I just started moving around and looking like a total dork. Then one of the stylists had to show me some poses.  It was so embarrassing but I got threw it and persevered!

[Maddy]  How long have you been modeling and where have we seen you?

[Katie] I have been modeling for 6 years and you have seen me the most on Torrid, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Mervyn’s, Kohl’s, Fashion Bug, Target, Wal-Mart, Just My Size, Kiyonna etc.

[Maddy] What has been the most exciting modeling job to date?

[Katie] I was at Santa Monica pier and I am so scared of heights.  We shot on the Ferris Wheel while it was at the top.  I was clinching for dear life until I knew the photographer would be shooting. Once I knew he was ready I  smiled and posed and as soon as we were done, I clinched the center pole!  It was hilarious.

[Maddy] Do you believe straight and plus size models should work together on photo shoots and walk on the runway together or are you happy with the current status of plus models in the fashion world.

[Katie] I absolutely think that there needs to be some evolution in the fashion world; it is pretty obvious that women as a whole are so over the super skinny phase.

[Maddy]  What is your advice to aspiring models reading this interview?

[Katie] Be honest with yourself. When a person can do that you can become the best person and model you are capable of being.  You can work on the area’s that are weak, and make your strong points even stronger!  Always keep evolving…  That is what gives you an edge.

For bookings, please inquire about Katie at Heffner Management, www.heffnermanagement.com