PLUS Model Magazine Model SearchThe PLUS Model Magazine Model Search in LA will change one lucky girls life and may even do the same for a few more.

Each model wants to stand out and show her personal style and this is where most aspiring models get confused.

This is when wild hairstyles and large accessories may come into play. What are the rules about accessorizing?

Avoid distracting accessories and hair styles:

If you watch Americas Next Top Model even once I’m sure you have heard Tyra ask models to take accessories off so that the judges can “see” the models.

You want to look like a plain canvas to the judges. You should wear your hair natural loosely around the face or pulled back.

Plus Model Davie Cabral
Plus Model Davie Cabral

Plus Model Jillian Terrell
Plus Model Jillian Terrell

A great way to look your best is by being yourself and coming prepared.

Read all the details of the Model Search and come prepared.

You don’t want to make an impression by not being prepared and then asking for special allowances. Go to the Model Search details and read the details.