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Fresh-faced Gabi Fresh is one of the most well-known fashion bloggers today. As the winner of MTV’s Twitter Jockey contest, her life seemingly changed overnight. We watched as she attended some of the year’s most exciting events and celebrated when she graced the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine.

Many of us have wondered what the experience was like and how it has affected her life. What is life like for this young fashionista? Find out in our exclusive interview!

Maddy: The last time you appeared on PMM, you had just won the MTV Twitter Jockey position and had not even settled into a place yet. Tell me about your experience at MTV?

Gabi: It was definitely a whirlwind! Everything happened so quickly that I barely had time to process what was going on. Honestly the best part of the experience was the actual competition part. I made such good friends with the other contestants and the overwhelming support from my readers was amazing and humbling. It was obviously cool to meet the celebrities and everything, but I realized quickly that they are just people like everyone else. I did die a little when I met Kanye West and Barack Obama though!

Maddy: During the last year, do you feel as if you have grown as a person?

Gabi: For sure! As cool as it seems to work for MTV, at the end of the day, I was taken overnight from everything familiar that I knew. I had to adjust very quickly and being independent in New York City is not easy for anyone. It’s a completely new lifestyle that I’m still getting used to. I know I’ve grown a ton though, and experiences like these have made me stronger. I still miss home.

Maddy: What did you do the day after your MTV job was over?

Gabi: I just spent the day lounging around and relaxing. The year was such a busy time, it was a relief to sit back and do nothing for a while.

Maddy: Working with eloquii by The Limited must be really exciting. Can you tell us about what you have and will be doing?

Gabi: I’m the brand ambassador for eloquii, which basically means I’m the go-between for the brand and my followers. I go into the HQ sometimes and give my feedback about products, and I also tell my readers about what eloquii has to offer. It’s been a really fun experience because I’ve never worked this closely with a brand, especially long term. I really respect eloquii for listening to their customers and staying true to The Limited aesthetic for their plus customers. It’s amazing to see how bloggers and brands are partnering more and more and I can’t wait to see how our relationship will grow in the future.

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