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Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 5/01/2008

This month’s cover girl is a beautiful Chicago native who is one of the new faces for  Meet plus size model Nikki Muffoletto.

[Maddy] When did you first become interested in the plus size modeling industry?

[Nikki] During freshman year of college my school had a booth requesting for people who would be willing to cut there hair for an upcoming hair show. Since I was a broke college student at the time I thought, “Oh great, a free hair cut!”  When I got there all the girls were models and one of them told me I should try plus size modeling.   So I looked up  plus size modeling in the yellow pages and went to a few open calls.

[Maddy] Once you went to the open calls? How did you obtain an agency?

I went to 3 open calls.  Elite being the first, they liked my look but told me at the time I was too thin and that I would need to gain 20-30 pounds.  I went to Aria and I received the same advice. Then I went to Ford, they signed me on the spot, I signed a contract with them and within 1 week I had paid for pictures to obtain a portfolio and got my first modeling job.

[Maddy] How did you research the  plus size modeling industry and gain modeling experience?

[Nikki] I feel as though modeling in some weird way was God’s calling for me in my life, every door was being opened.  It was somewhat easy to get into the plus size modeling industry.  The hard part is taking pictures good enough for the clients to book you for jobs.  I have had to spend a good amount of money to test with photographers to get pictures that my agencies like.  In my opinion the experience is gained through keeping clients, being friendly and having a good positive attitude.

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