Plus Size Model Mia Amber Davis Widower Responds To TMZ Reports of Wrongful Death Suit

Michael Yard, husband of the late plus size model and actress Mia Amber Davis – Yard, tells PLUS Model Magazine exclusively I did not say any of these things about my wife!”

Remembering Mia Amber Davis and Celebrating Her Life

Mia Amber Davis passed away May 10, 2011 after undergoing knee surgery for a long time basketball injury. Speculation whether her weight had anything to do with it arose, but was dismissed when the autopsy revealed she suffered pulmonary embolism (blood clot).

Mia Amber Davis – A Vision of Beauty

Mia’s husband tells us We are filing a lawsuit against the doctor who cleared her for surgery because he knew she was on birth control, but weight was not an issue as TMZ is reporting. I never said that.”

Birth control increases the chances for blood clots in all women, regardless of their size.

Mike says he will get to the bottom of it and he will not allow his wife’s name and death be put through this.

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