Man On the Rise: PLUS Model Magazine Interview’s Chuey Martinez

With a soaring career as a DJ on 102.7KIIS FM and host of ESPN’s “Born & Raised”, Chuey Martinez is taking on a new role as the host of his very own show on the Travel Channel called “All You Can Meat” which premieres Sunday, August 12th at 10pm/9c.  His thirst for life and positive attitude is infectious and will surely inspire you to become a fan if you are not already.  

Maddy: You have a very positive attitude, were you always this way or was there a turning point in your life?

Chuey: I thank my mother for this. She taught me to always be grateful for what we had, even though it wasn’t much. I stay extremely positive because I feel so blessed to be in this position, and I feel that if you want positive things to happen in your life, whether professionally or personally, you have to carry yourself in a positive light.

Maddy: Congratulations on your new show. Has the reality of it all sunk in yet?

Chuey: It really hasn’t (somebody pinch me)! I think it really hit me when they started sending me the actual footage from the episodes as they were coming together, and when I got a sneak peak of the commercial for my show. It was pretty surreal, but again, I am truly grateful and excited for this opportunity.

Maddy: Tell us about the show and where you traveled.

Chuey: I’m traveling all over the country looking for the best BBQ, and exploring the fascination that we, as Americans have with meat: the recipes, the preparation, the cooks, the families, and how it ties into the traditions and culture of the different cities in our country.

Maddy: I read an interview where they referred to you as the Latino Ryan Seacrest. How did that make you feel and is he someone you admire in this industry?

Chuey: That was pretty surreal to be honest!  To be compared to a man I look up to and try to mold my career after is amazing!  I don’t think I’m quite there yet but I’m working on it.  Ryan Seacrest is incredible at what he does, whether it is in radio, TV or behind the scenes in production. If I can have a fraction of his success and vision, then I will be a very happy person.  He is a true testament of the success that hard work can bring you.


Maddy: What’s next for Chuey Martinez?

Chuey: Next for me? Wow, I would love to continue to host my radio and TV shows, and continue to do more acting as well. I have also started to produce and develop more projects, and I would also love to direct. I am laying the foundation for my very own production company and I am starting to produce content on a larger scale, so get ready!

Tune into the Travel Channel – All You Can Meat.

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