PLUS Model Magazine Reporting Potential Plus Size Modeling Scams

Dear PMM Readers and Fans… someone is at it again, trying to pose as PLUS Model Magazine and scam aspiring and working plus models… and as always, I will not stand for it!
*Once we are able to release specific information I will
Yesterday, we were contacted by someone asking us why we billed her credit card for $24.95 for a subscription to our magazine when she had not subscribed… I advised her that PMM has always been a free online magazine, and has been so since starting in 2006!
She then went on to explain that this ‘magazine’ was suppose to teach her how to be a plus model… I informed her that after she contacted her credit card company to reverse the charge from this bogus magazine (a PMM poser), to please come back online and join me as we have a lot of terrific FREE information to share on just how to get started as a plus model:
Imitation is supposed to be the highest form of flattery, but stealing copy-written images is downright nasty… especially when one of those images is of me! Yep, that’s right… imagine my surprise when I was sent a link to a site with a similar name to PMM, only to see MY face on their homepage, along with 4 other copy-written, highly recognizable images from past issues of PMM!  …Bad, bad karma coming their way
Here’s the lowdown on these underhanded, no-good, plagiaristic, scammers (and I have cleaned up my language for the internet as requested by one of our team members)… These ‘similar name sites’ steal images that people associate with PMM to lure plus models into buying subscriptions, job leads, products and more… as you trust the PMM brand, you might find yourself buying what they have to offer because of it… if you buy or don’t buy, you may still find yourself LIKING them on FB, thinking you are supporting PMM. In this instance, I know someone personally who likes this spammer because they think it is PMM! Yes, I will be calling her in a few minutes to fill her in.
You know I am all about empowerment and support of the plus size woman… I ‘have your back’ everyday… in everything I do… and in every decision I make… and I would like to think that you have my back too… so, let’s make an agreement…
Starting today, let’s make better choices online… let’s use our LIKE buttons for good, not evil…let’s make sure that we are associating our online profile with real people, companies and legitimate organizations that mean something to us… that we are happy to recommend and support.  If you’re game, I am… want to virtual pinky-swear?
If you’re ‘in’ for the pact and having each others back, let me know!