Plus Size Modeling 101 – January 2013 Issue of PLUS Model Magazine

CinemaRetroImage1Modeling 101 is my way of giving you the facts as I know them from being in the industry for over ten years. With daily emails asking us for advice about how to be a model, I thought it would only make sense for me to address it as directly as possible. I am not going to sell you a dream, I am going to tell you the honest truth, so please do not be discouraged, you are beautiful regardless of whether you are a model or not.

I wish I could say that you will be a model and be seen in Vogue one day, but the reality is this: the plus size industry is nowhere near as large as you may think it is. It has been growing and more, designers and brands are offering plus-sizes, but not all market to the plus size consumer with images she can relate to. For this and many other reasons there is a very saturated model market competing for the same jobs. They key is knowing which type of modeling you are best suited for.

With all this being said, fresh new faces are continually being scouted and veteran models are moving towards other careers or more commercial based jobs. In order to pursue modeling, you must do your homework and know three basic things.


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1) Modeling is a business; models are not being hired to be role models. Models are hired to sell garments, concepts or ideas.

2) Yes, you will have to invest in your career as a model. Models are required to “test” and these photo shoots cost money. Your images are your resume! You will also have to be model ready at all times (hair, nails, clothing) and have money to travel to castings or shoots.

3) Plus size models take care of their bodies. Being a plus size model does not mean you can eat anything you want and not workout. The opposite is true, once you are marketed at a certain size you have to maintain that size and be sure to be good to your body and workout regularly.

Now that we have this out of the way, let us talk about the types of modeling that are available.


To read the entire article visit the January 2013 issue of PLUS Model Magazine. CLICK HERE!