Full Figured Fashion Week® 2013 Special Wrap Up Interviews – Ana Garcia

Full Figured Fashion Week® 2013 Special Wrap Up Interviews

 by Sharon Quinn
Casting Director FFFWeek 2013

Get to know a little more about FFFWeek Model Ana Garcia:


(Photo by Alec J. Turner)

Ana Garcia – What can I say?  Her photos SIZZLED on my desk!!! She was hot in her photos so I just knew she was gonna be even hotter in person! She brought a whole different flavor to our showcases.

What’s your name and where are you from? My name is Ana García and I’m from Puerto Rico.

How long have you been modeling?  I’ve been modeling for 4 years now.

Number of years (if any) you’ve participated in FFFWeek®?  This was my first year in FFFWeek®.

In what city did you attend the casting call?  I went to the Orlando, Florida casting.

What was the casting experience like for you?It was great. Lucky for me I have family in Florida so it was easy to get around.

Tell me about your FFFWeek® experience and how it has affected your life/career?

Being chosen as one of the models for FFFWeek® was an honor and a great experience for me. I met so many wonderful models and made some new friends. Career wise I am hoping that something good will come out of this.

What was your Favorite moment during FFFWeek® 2013? Some of my most favorite moments during FFFWeek® involved meeting the people behind this great event.  Gwen DeVoe, Sharon Quinn and the wonderful designers, among many others.


How important do you think an event like FFFWeek® is and why?  It is very important for the plus size community because everyone can see that a curvy model can also look great and well dressed walking the runway.

How and/or where can your newfound fans reach you?  My newfound fans can reach me through several ways…My website is or Instagram @anaplus; I am also on Facebook :

Any last words/thoughts regarding your FFFWeek 2013 experience?  Indeed, FFFWeek® is one of the greatest events of the year for the plus size community!

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