On The Next Episode of Katie Airing December 20… How To Work On Getting A Positive Body Image

Get A Positive Body Image Now — Next “Katie” Airing December 20

Photo credit: Disney

On Friday’s (12/20) episode of the nationally syndicated daytime talk show “Katie,” the topic of the day will be achieving a positive body image. Katie will talk to women who love their bodies and are embracing themselves as they are.

Guests include “The Fat Chick” author Jeanette Depatie, who shares her struggles with weight and how she decided to start living. Other guests will be University of Southern California students Jasmine Aguilar, Kaya Masler and Taylor Markey who recently held a “Body Love Week” assembly promoting healthy self-images on campus.

Photo credit: Disney

Hear what members of the audience share when they step into Katie’s “insecurity checkpoint” and are asked to say what they don’t love about their bodies. It’s definitely a must-see episode and we applaud Katie for devoting a show to such an important topic that needs to be discussed.

“Katie” airs in national syndication. Check for time and channel information for your area.

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