Spa & Beauty Retailer Bliss Under Fire For “Sexist” Products

Spa & Beauty Retailer Bliss Under Fire For “Sexist” Products

Bliss, a multi-channel spa and retail product company, recently came under fire in the UK when a woman noticed their “Fat Girl Slim” line being sold in Marks & Spencer and called out the retailer for selling “sexist” products.

blissFrances Joseph from Brighton, West Sussex said that the Fat Girl Slim products were “exploitative, dangerous and sad”.  She is now urging the public to sign a petition, calling on Bliss to stop selling these products, because she states that it’s not okay to sell a beauty range that targets insecure girls and young women. She said:

“Many of us agree that this is deeply inappropriate branding for a cosmetics range. I’m pretty shocked and disappointed that M&S of all people would choose to stock this brand. ‘There’s a clear implication that tummy cream will help to give you a six-pack, another product will give you toned arms and so on. They are overtly targeting insecure young women.”

“Sign the petition to work towards feminism and to prevent Bliss and other beauty product companies making sexist products like this.”

Frances took to Twitter to state her complaints to Marks & Spencer. They responded:

“This is part of our Bliss beauty range; the products play on the popular DJ’s name and aren’t intended to cause offence.”

A spokesperson later said:

“This product range is part of independent beauty brand Bliss and is not intended to cause offence to our customers.”

Bliss, whose tagline is “achieve a higher state of happy”, also sells products on their website such as “slimming apparel“, “firming tools” and “body firming treatments“, including products such as a “tummy lift” and “bottom lift set”.

Bliss 3
Bliss’ Tummy Lift and Bottom Lift Set

We asked weight diversity speaker, author of Fat!So? and activist Marilyn Wann what she thought of Bliss’ Fat Girl Slim products:

“I hope people of all sizes, but especially fat people, will recognize the intense bigotry of products like these. Why should we buy anything that puts us down for being women, for being older, or for having our own natural body shape? That’s just not flattering or fun. We all deserve a basic level of respect as customers. Don’t buy the lies or the hate!”

Our Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones had this to say regarding Bliss:

“We know the beauty industry is about selling a fantasy and ways to enhance our natural beauty, this right here is unnecessary. We should be able to sell products to women and young girls without discouraging other women from feeling inadequate. What does this say to the woman who has a tummy, or cellulite? It says you are the BEFORE and not worthy.”

Bliss has not made an official statement yet.

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To view and sign the petition for Bliss to discontinue their Fat Girl Slim collection, click here.

To learn more about Marilyn Wann, click here to visit her official website.