Old Navy Update: The Retailer Promises Better Communications With Plus Size Customers

Old Navy Update: The Retailer Promises Better Communications With Plus Size Customers

Almost two weeks ago, we reported about a petition that had gone viral, which focused on Old Navy and it’s upcharging of prices on women’s plus size clothing.

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The retailer recently announced that because of the petition, they will be making some changes but just not the ones many expected and hoped for.

They will keep the higher prices on women’s plus size clothing as is because according to Old Navy, those items are made differently and require a separate team of designers and buyers. But they will be making two changes that they hope will begin better communication and service to its plus size female customers.

Old Navy announced that beginning December 5, customers will be allowed to return plus size clothing in-store, despite their plus size clothing only being sold online. Currently, customers have to ship the clothing back to the company.

In addition to that, Edie Kissko, a spokeswoman for Gap Inc., which owns Old Navy, said in a statement to that “the company will form a customer panel that meets four times a year beginning in January to discuss plus-size fashion and product feedback”.

Kissko also told

“We will do a better job communicating the value we provide to plus-size customers and begin forging a stronger relationship with customers. Clothes are meant to be empowering, flattering and a way to express your personal style. Old Navy is proud of the clothes that we create for fashion-forward women of all sizes.”

Renee Posey, the NY-based woman who started the petition on that garnered 95,588 signatures, looks at these changes in a positive fashion, saying on the petition page:

“Your voices have made a major retailer stand up and take notice that the way they have been doing business with their plus-sized female customers is not OK and changes need to be made.”

So, while not a total success, it is a step in the right direction. Let’s hope this is the beginning of change for Old Navy and how they treat their plus size customers.

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