5 Wide Calf Boots Worth Buying This Winter

5 Wide Calf Boots Worth Buying This Winter

As the weather gets colder and winter is almost upon us (officially), boots are the perfect footwear to keep our feet and legs warm AND look stylish. If you’re looking for wide calf boots, sometimes shopping for boots as a plus size woman can be challenging and disappointing.

Finding tall boots that fit wide calves are like looking for the holy grail, especially if your calves are above 18″. Since width gets larger with the size in boots, those of us who have smaller feet were at a disadvantage. The smaller wide calf boot measures 15” in the calf shaft (and that’s around a size 7-8). Yikes! Thank goodness, times have changed! We now have wide calf, extra wide calf and super wide calf, which goes up to a 21″ shaft. You can even find some boots that will go up to a 23″ shaft.

5 Wide calf boots 2014 main image

In the spirit of boot shopping, there’s 5 wide calf boots that we have our eye on that we have listed below. Just remember a few tips when shopping for boots:

#1: Have your tape measure ready! 

Measure your calf at its widest point. Make sure to measure both calves, in case they are not the same in width. If there is the difference is more than a half inch, go up an inch to ensure proper (and comfortable!) fit.

#2: Don’t put away that tape measure just yet!

Make sure to measure from your heel to desired height. This will help when especially shopping online for tall boots. You want to make sure the boot is hitting you at a length you want and not too high or low.

#3: To invest or not to invest, that is the question.

Make sure to read the product description so you know what you’re buying. If you’re looking for real leather or suede and want to invest in a great pair of boots, it’s important to know if you’re getting your money’s worth. If you can’t afford real leather or suede, there are some great faux leather and suede options out there. Just keep in mind that frequent wear will wear your boots out and if they’re an inexpensive pair, they won’t last past a season, UNLESS you take great care of them. Which means giving them a rest and not wearing them daily. Boots are a great investment because the right pair can last you for years. But I also recognize that some of us have bills to pay and having your phone cut off while wearing a great pair of boots may not be a great thing.

Here’s 5 boots we think are worth buying this winter:

#1: Suede Boots from Torrid (wide width), Sizes 8 – 11

Torrid suede boots

#2: Sabrina City Heel Leather Dress Boot from Lane Bryant, Sizes 7W – 10W

LB leather brown boots

#3: Grey Suedette Shower Resistant Slouch Long Boots from Evans, Sizes 6 – 12 extra wide

Evans grey suede boots

#4: Legroom Super Curvy Calf Boot from Simply Be in EEE Fit, Sizes 6 – 11

Simply Be Black boots

#5: Ella Suede Platform Boot from City Chic, Sizes 7 – 11 1/2

City Chic platform boots

Are you looking for wide calf boots? What are some of your favorite wide calf boots? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.