13 Annoying Things Plus Models Do That Clients {ABSOLUTELY} Hate

plus models

Ladies, it’s time to shed a little light on a subject near and dear to our hearts… plus models! 

While we work with models all of the time at PMM, we also hear from fashion companies (models call them “clients”) all of the time about the good, bad and downright, ugly behavior of (some) models…

So if you are a working model who is guilty of any of these habits… for all that is holy, STOP the madness NOW!

And if you have not developed any of these bad habits, good for you! Pat yourself on the back, have a cookie and relax while you read all about the naughty things those (other) plus models are doing that just may open up a job opportunity for YOU in the near future!

Clients Really Don’t Like When You…

  • Run late (if you are on time, you are considered late)
  • Bite your nails (nasty habit, let it go!)
  • Change your hair color without letting the agency know (naughty, naughty, naughty)
  • Talk on your cell phone way too much during work (leave the “yada, yada, yada” for break time)
  • Talk badly about other clients (this one should be a no-brainer)
  • Bring pets, friends or family members to set (leave kitty, the BFF or boy-toy at HOME)
  • Comment on clothing that you are modeling without being asked (you are paid to look good in their clothes)
  • Take too many smoke breaks (you should not be smoking, anyway… haven’t you heard? It’s bad for your health and makes you smell funny)
  • Do not whiten your teeth (seriously, pearly whites are a must)
  • Wear the wrong size bra (Plus model or not, ladies, please get the girls the correct size bra)
  • Tan lines (if you are on vacay, slather yourself in SPF, or wear a gigantic hat… or both)
  • Incomplete model’s bag (if you don’t know what a model’s bag is, Google it now!)
  • Forget to wax (oh where to begin… dear friends, what must be waxed? Most things… brows and mustache for sure, and bikini line if you are modeling lingerie or swimwear. If you are being photographed for a ski campaign in sweaters, ski pants and the like, you may be able to do without the torture of the bikini wax… maybe… but anything else showing up on camera, wax it!)

Chime in… have some more client no-nos you want to share? Please do!