#Curvy is Back on Instagram… But Don’t Jump For Joy Just Yet

#Curvy is Back on Instagram… But Don’t Jump For Joy Just Yet

Last week, we reported that it was discovered that the hashtag #curvy was banned on Instagram. And many were not happy about it. Instagram has now brought #curvy back. However, not without its limitations.

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When you search #curvy on Instagram now, it appears in search, saying there are over 2 million posts with that hashtag. Yet, no images are available. [HuffPost UK Lifestyle]

Image: HuffPost UK Lifestyle

According to HuffPost UK Lifestyle:

“A spokesperson for Instagram explained that the site is currently developing tools and methods to “curate” appropriate #curvy images.”

In an interview with The Washington Post, Nicky Jackson Colaco, Instagram’s director of public policy explained that this recent #curvy debacle was hard for Instagram to deal with because they are in favor of body-positive messages being shown and highlighted on Instagram.

According to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, the spokesperson they spoke with also said that Instagram is working on tackling the issue of pornography with those “tools and methods” (which was their reasoning as to why they banned #curvy in the first place) and that “in terms of priorities, #curvy is the first hashtag to be cleaned up.”

We shall see, Instagram. That’s for sure.

When #curvy was banned last week, women everywhere voiced their opinions and posted images of themselves accompanied by hashtags such as #curvee, #bringcurvyback, #everybodyisbeautiful, #curvyandproud, #effyourbeautystandards, our own #celebratemysize and #honormycurves.

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Colaco Jackson told The Washington Post:

“We won’t be perfect. but we will be thoughtful.”

We hope so. Because a legion of women are watching you now, Instagram and are ready to fight back if necessary with the power of their voices and images.