7 Body Positive Affirmations to Say in Your Mirror Every Morning

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Yesterday, we talked about how to start your day off with morning tricks to help inspire you and motivate you to have a great day. You can read that article here.

But what if you’re struggling with body image and don’t feel inspired or motivated no matter what you do? Many of us are our own worst critics and the words we say to ourselves are basically us telling ourselves our story. We take in those words, believe them and they become a part of how we look at ourselves and who we are. If those words are negative, of course, it’s going to bring us WAY DOWN.

You have only have one life to live and life is all about enjoying the moments, at any size, in any body. You are here, you are worthy and you should be happy with yourself and life.

I know, it’s easier said than done. But you can start on that journey of loving your body and YOU by simply changing the words you say to yourself. You change those words by speaking new words.

Every morning, make it a point to have daily affirmations for yourself. Speak them out loud as you look at yourself in the mirror. It may seem like it’s not working at first. But as the days progress, you will find yourself smiling, maybe even laughing. You will feel more confident and stronger. And you will start believing the new words you are speaking to yourself.

Here’s 7 body positive affirmations that we think you should say to yourself every morning in the mirror: