Universal Standard Unveils Latest Lookbook & It’s a Must-See

universal standard

Contemporary plus size independent fashion brand Universal Standard has quickly become a favorite of ours and many fashionistas seeking plus size fashion that is chic, polished and minimal. Think basics that are not so boring and that gives off that high fashion vibe for a fraction of the cost.

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Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista says that the brand is all about “elevated essentials“, and that they “bring polish and an understated confidence to their mix.” We included them in our top 5 indie brands to check out article last fall and have featured their pieces on the blog. They are truly a brand who believes style is not dictated by size.

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So when the brand sent us their latest lookbook for their next collection that is launching in February/March 2016, we were beyond excited. And the lookbook did not disappoint.

Universal Standard does such an amazing job of staying true to their aesthetic but still giving us that WOW factor. Their Thames Fog Dress is a great layering piece, which is classic with a modern twist. At a time, where tulle skirts and mesh dresses are popular, this dress stands out as a piece that is not something everyone else will be wearing. And it’s so versatile that you can wear in so many ways and still stand out and not look like everyone else.

This is what is so great about the brand. They create pieces that are minimal but stand out. And your style determines how you wear the piece, not vice versa.

“The desire to look good is universal among women. Women of all sizes read the same fashion magazines, watch the same trend-setting shows, and walk past the same window displays. That’s why ‘I know what’s beautiful’ became the matter-of-fact manifesto of the Universal Standard brand.” ~ Designers Alexandra Waldman & Polina Veksler, Universal Standard

Another thing we are excited about is that the brand is now expanding into denim.  We can’t wait to see and preview the denim since it is an area in fashion that many plus size women struggle with.

We also spy some of our favorite plus models Denise Bidot, Georgia Pratt and Anita Marshall in the lookbook too!

Here’s the lookbook – just click on the first thumbnail to start the slideshow:

What do you think of Universal Standard? Will you be buying some pieces from the new collection? Let us know below!

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