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PMM Reader Feature: Color Does Not Define You or Me




In the beautiful words of Indie Arie:

“I am not my hair… I am not this skin… I am not your expectations, no I am not my hair… I am not this skin… I am a soul that lives within.”

We are all beautiful souls who inhabit beautiful bodies in this world. Part of what makes our bodies so beautiful are the unique physical attributes that set us apart from one another, to provide the rich diversity that creates the spice of life.

But as we become a more blended country and society, we start to experience these physical diversities within our very own household. Walk down any street in NYC these days and you’ll easily spot a family where the parents possess different physical traits from their children. I smile every time I see this.

As a brown black woman with a light-skinned mother, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of hearing people question my relationship with my mother simply because my skin tone was darker than hers. No 6 year-old wants to be asked why she looks different from her mommy, or if her mommy really is her mommy. It was hard to face that issue growing up but it has taught me many important lessons that I apply in my daily life now, the most important of which is to embrace and be comfortable in my own skin and accept the beauty that comes with difference. My parents will always be my parents, regardless of how they look compared to me; how we look doesn’t define our love for one another, but does make our household that much more colorful 🙂

NatashaMom image

Me with my mom

My experience is but one of many in current-day households across the country where there is physical diversity within the household, particularly relating to skin color. We’ve received numerous stories from our readers on this topic and wanted to share their experiences below.

Starting with our very own Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones, who shares her personal story about color diversity within her own family:

“Skin tone was never an issue for me; maybe it was because my family members all looked so different. Some are very fair with blonde hair and some are very dark with curly hair. When my husband Luke and I had Madison, we knew we wanted her identify with both ethnicities. Little did we know that WE would be put to the test before Madison ever would.

I remember taking Madison out in a stroller in my neighborhood and people asking me who she belonged to. They thought I was the nanny. Once a nanny approached me to tell me that it’s not appropriate for nannies to show so much affection to their client’s kids. Imagine the shock when both those women were told that I was her mom!

I never got upset because I know that Madison does favor her father and that people genuinely do not know. The issue for us began when people would say things UNDER their breath but loud enough for us to hear, like we were not going to say anything. One time at a restaurant, a woman began to discuss with her girlfriend how she would never do THAT to her child. She wants her child to know where she comes from. I thought about not saying anything, but in my soul, I knew I needed to address how ignorant her assumption was. Did I change her mind? I’m sure I did not. But for her, her friend and anyone else that was listening, they all heard a different side to that story.

My daughter having a different skin tone than me has led me to face uncomfortable situations like the one above. Does it bother me? Of course! What can I do? Absolutely nothing. All I can do is make sure that I am aware of my surroundings and that my daughter is not being bullied for it either. In our family, we make sure that Madison is aware of who she is, that she is beautiful, that she is smart and that she is beautifully made in God’s image.”

MaddyMadison PMM image

Madeline Jones with her daughter Madison

If you are dealing with color issues in your family, Lisa Clark suggests teaching your child at an early age to respect everyone regardless of how they look:

Lisa Clark image

Lisa Clark and her family

“When the time presents itself, tell them that color is a small factor of what makes them unique. Show them that color is beautiful regardless of the hue, give examples of how color beautifies the world everyday, whether it is a field of flowers or rainbows in the sky. Tell them to embrace whatever hue they have, for it makes them unique. Instill in them that a person’s inner beauty is their heart and mind.”

Crystal Nanavati recommends the book Nurture Shock to mothers with fairer skin, on how to speak to their children about skin color and race:

Crystal Nanavati image

Crystal Nanavati and her family

“I found that book really useful on examining how institutionalized racism and my own upbringing taught me to talk and think about race. It was useful to begin to consciously change so that when I talked about race with my kids, I wouldn’t continue the cycle.

Discussions are hard, I think perhaps particularly as the white mom — I have privilege that she will never have, so I can’t speak to what she is/will go through from a place of experience. I often ask friends who are Indian American or other persons of color for advice or reassurance that I’m doing this right. I think it’s natural to be uncertain and to feel inadequate to the task. But have the conversations anyway.

My daughters have dolls that resemble them (American Girl is great for this). I consciously look for books with characters who look like them (Mama’s Saris by Pooja Makhijani is one example, and the Ms Marvel comic features a superhero who looks like them). I sometimes bring up race when I notice that all the main characters are white.”

Anita Ramjit shares:

Anita Ramjit image

Nadia Ramjit with her daughter

“It is extremely important for children as well as adults to embrace who we are individually, regardless of the difference. This pertains to the ‘whole child or whole person’; whether it pertains to appearance, culture, education or status. It is imperative that we feel confident as individuals. I feel this kind of self assurance makes an individual genuinely happy with themselves and can only make that person spread their inner happiness as opposed to feeling worthless and exuding this self hate onto others. It means we have to be accountable about things we say or do that may hurt others. We have to teach our children about acceptance of ourselves as well as others. We have to teach that there are no real differences between us physically. It stops with me and with you. One person at a time!”

When it comes to how color is addressed in society, Michelle Hartman says:

Michelle Hartman image

Michelle Hartman and her family

“Unfortunately, color is still a segregation issue in our society. We are experiencing it right now in Hollywood with the Oscars. And just recently, Beyonce’s performance during the Super Bowl. Hollywood is screaming for African American recognition with the nominations. Articles popped up in my news feed that Beyonce didn’t have a single ‘white’ person in her dance troupe. What society needs is to see that there is no more ‘White & Black’. There is a growing population of mixed race children who cannot identify with any of the issues they are constantly hearing about in the news.”

At the end of the day, what should the overall message be on this topic? Lena Short believes that:

“Beautiful people come in all different shades, shapes, sizes and origins. Just because one looks different than the other, doesn’t mean you love them any more or any less. We are all people at the end of the day. My daughter may be pale and have blonde hair but she’s every bit of her African American mother as she is her Caucasian father.”

Lena Short image

Lena Short’s daughter

Anastasia Buchter adds:

“Be proud of who you are. Everyone is beautiful. White, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Whatever ethnicity you are, rock it and be proud of who you are and where you came from!”

Anastasia Buchter image

Anastasia Buchter with her children

Devon Rosado says:

Devon Rosado image

Devon Rosado with her son

“I just want my boys to grow up not being automatically known as the ‘mixed’ kids of the neighborhood or school. I just want them to grow up in the Love of God and to know that yes, Mommy may be a different color, but their heart beats the same as mine. And the heart is what matters.”

These families are living proof that love is pure and our physical bodies are merely one aspect of who we are, and should be embraced as a thing of beauty rather than something that divides.

Natasha footer image


Natasha Nurse is a DEI professional, coach, author, podcaster, and content creator. Her vision is not just to educate but to ignite a ripple effect of change that transcends professional boundaries and instills a sense of belonging and acceptance in every interaction. Through her innovative strategies and heartening engagements, Natasha Nurse is not just a name, but a movement towards a more inclusive and understanding professional world. In addition to founding Dressing Room 8 and her solo podcast Glamour, Giggles, and Goals. Additionally, she is also the co-founder of WokeNFree, a groundbreaking podcast that is redefining the conversation on social and cultural issues. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from The Pennsylvania State University and a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School. Outside of her busy schedule, she loves enjoying the Arizona weather with her husband, young son, and pets.


Unveiling the Power of Self-Care Rituals: Insights into Mental Wellness



Unveiling the Power of Self-Care Rituals: Insights into Mental Wellness

Unveiling the Power of Self-Care Rituals: Insights into Mental Wellness…

For some of us stress seems to be an inevitable companion, and prioritizing mental health has become a crucial aspect of our lives. As the spotlight on mental wellness intensifies, individuals are increasingly turning towards self-care rituals to nurture their minds and souls. In this exploration, we delve into the realm of self-care practices, unveiling their significance in promoting mental well-being.

Self-care goes beyond pampering oneself with occasional treats; it embodies a holistic approach to nurturing our mental, emotional, and physical health. It encompasses activities that recharge our batteries, soothe our souls, and rejuvenate our spirits amidst life’s demands.

Discovering the Tapestry of Self-Care Rituals

  1. Mindfulness Meditation: Engaging in mindfulness practices such as meditation or deep breathing exercises can help anchor our minds to the present moment, fostering a sense of calm and clarity amidst chaos.
  2. Nourishing Nutrition: Fueling our bodies with wholesome, nutritious foods not only sustains physical health but also nurtures our mental well-being. Incorporating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins into our diets can bolster our mood and energy levels.
  3. Creative Expression: Whether through art, music, writing, or any other form of creative expression, channeling our inner creativity can serve as a therapeutic outlet for processing emotions and fostering self-discovery.
  4. Physical Activity: Regular exercise not only benefits our physical health but also has profound effects on our mental well-being. Whether it’s a brisk walk in nature, a yoga session, or a dance class, moving our bodies can release endorphins, alleviate stress, and enhance our overall mood.
  5. Digital Detox: In an era dominated by screens and constant connectivity, unplugging from digital devices and immersing ourselves in offline activities can provide much-needed respite for our minds, allowing space for introspection and relaxation.
  6. Quality Sleep: Prioritizing adequate sleep is paramount for mental health and overall well-being. Establishing a bedtime routine, creating a restful sleep environment, and practicing relaxation techniques can promote restorative sleep and enhance cognitive function.

Embracing self-care rituals isn’t just about indulgence; it’s about cultivating resilience, nurturing self-compassion, and fostering a deeper connection with ourselves. By prioritizing our mental well-being and incorporating self-care practices into our daily lives, we empower ourselves to navigate life’s challenges with grace and authenticity.

As the discourse around mental health continues to evolve, integrating self-care into our collective consciousness is imperative. By embracing self-care rituals as a cornerstone of our lives, we not only prioritize our mental wellness but also contribute to the creation of a culture that values compassion, authenticity, and holistic well-being. So, let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery, one self-care ritual at a time, and pave the way for a brighter, more resilient future.

In the tapestry of self-care, let us weave a masterpiece of mental wellness—one nurturing gesture, one mindful breath, and one compassionate act at a time.


What are your favorite self-care rituals? How do you prioritize mental wellness in your daily life? Join the conversation on social media and share your insights!

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Finding Balance in a Digital World: The Rise of Digital Detoxes



Finding Balance in a Digital World: The Rise of Digital Detoxes

Finding Balance in a Digital World: The Rise of Digital Detoxes

In today’s fast-paced digital age, our lives are intertwined with technology more than ever before. From smartphones to social media platforms, we are constantly connected, often finding it challenging to unplug and unwind. As people seek harmony and balance in their digital lives, discussions on unplugging, mindfulness, and digital detoxes are gaining momentum.

With the advent of smartphones and the ubiquitous presence of social media, our relationship with technology has become increasingly complex.

The Allure of Digital Detoxes

In response to this digital overload, the concept of a digital detox has emerged as a popular antidote. A digital detox involves taking a deliberate break from digital devices and platforms to recalibrate and reconnect with the present moment. It’s about reclaiming control over our time and attention, freeing ourselves from the constant barrage of screens and notifications.

One of the primary motivations behind embarking on a digital detox is to prioritize mental well-being. Studies have shown that excessive screen time can contribute to feelings of stress, anxiety, and even depression.


Tips for a Successful Digital Detox

Embarking on a digital detox may seem daunting at first, especially for those accustomed to being constantly plugged in. However, with the right approach, it can be a transformative experience. Here are some tips for a successful digital detox:

  1. Set Clear Boundaries: Establish specific times and places where digital devices are off-limits, such as during meals or before bedtime.
  2. Engage in Offline Activities: Use the time freed up from digital distractions to engage in activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul, whether it’s reading a book, practicing yoga, or going for a leisurely walk.
  3. Practice Mindfulness: Cultivate mindfulness by paying attention to the present moment without judgment. Engage in activities that encourage mindfulness, such as meditation, journaling, or simply savoring a cup of tea.
  4. Stay Accountable: Enlist the support of friends, family, or online communities to hold yourself accountable during your digital detox. Share your intentions and progress, and celebrate your achievements together.

In our hyper-connected world, achieving balance in our digital lives is an ongoing journey. While technology undoubtedly enriches our lives in countless ways, it’s essential to cultivate awareness and mindfulness to ensure that it enhances rather than detracts from our well-being. Digital detoxes serve as a powerful reminder to pause, reflect, and reconnect with what truly matters in life. So, are you ready to unplug and embark on your digital detox journey?

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Tired of the Same Old Grind? 5 Ways to Design a Life You Love



Tired of the Same Old Grind? 5 Ways to Design a Life You Love

Stuck in a rut? Does your daily routine feel like a never-ending loop of work, eat, sleep, repeat? You’re not alone. Tons of us get caught in the daily grind, feeling more like cogs in a machine than vibrant human beings. But what if you could break free and design a life that ACTUALLY excites you?

Here’s the awesome part: you totally can! It takes a little self-discovery, some planning, and maybe a sprinkle of bravery, but crafting a fulfilling life is absolutely within your reach. Here are 5 key steps to help you ditch the hamster wheel and build a life you truly love:

1.  Find Your Spark: What Makes Your Heart Skip a Beat?

The first step is figuring out what truly lights you up. What activities make you lose track of time? What are you naturally good at and enjoy doing? Maybe it’s writing, podcasting, listening to music, exploring hidden trails, or helping others. Don’t be afraid to dust off old hobbies or explore new interests. Here are some fun ways to rediscover your passions:

  • Freewriting Frenzy: Set a timer for 10 minutes and write down anything that pops into your head – dreams, goals, activities that make you happy. Don’t judge, just let it flow!
  • Childhood Throwback: Think back to what you loved doing as a kid. Is there anything you can revive or adapt to your adult life?
  • Skill Showcase: Make a list of your skills and strengths. Are there ways to use them in a more fulfilling way?

Remember:  Identifying your passions is the bedrock for a life with meaning. Don’t underestimate the power of activities that bring you genuine joy. 



2.  Vision Board Bonanza: Paint a Picture of Your Dream Life

Now that you have a sense of your passions, let’s create a visual representation of your ideal life. Design a vision board digitally that portrays the lifestyle you dream of. It could be pictures of breathtaking landscapes, hobbies you want to try, or people who inspire you. You’ll be reminded of the amazing life you’re building every time you glance at it.

Takeaway:  Visualization is a superpower! Your vision board keeps your goals at the forefront of your mind, fueling your motivation and keeping you on track.

3.  Dream Big, Plan Smart: Setting Goals for Success

Dreaming is fantastic, but action is where the magic happens.  Take your passions and the elements of your vision board and translate them into actionable goals. Here’s where the SMART goal framework comes in handy:

  • Specific: Be laser-focused on what you want to achieve. Instead of “get healthier,” aim for “run a 5K race in 6 months.”
  • Measurable: Track your progress! Attach milestones you can measure to stay motivated.
  • Attainable: Set challenging yet achievable goals to avoid discouragement.
  • Relevant: Ensure your goals align with your overall vision and passions.
  • Time-bound: Set deadlines to create a sense of urgency and accomplishment.

Key Point:  SMART goals are your map to achieving your dreams. They break down big aspirations into manageable steps, keeping you focused and motivated. 


4.  The Power of “No”: Prioritizing What Matters Most

Living a fulfilling life often requires saying “no” more often. We all have limited time and energy. Saying “no” to things that don’t align with your goals frees up space for the things that truly matter. This could mean politely declining invitations that drain you, setting boundaries at work, or delegating tasks.

Remember, saying “no” isn’t selfish. It’s about honoring your time and prioritizing your well-being. It allows you to invest your energy strategically and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Takeaway:  Learning to say “no” empowers you to focus on what truly matters in your life. It allows you to manage your energy wisely and avoid feeling burnt out.


5.  Take Action! Embark on Your Journey with Passion and Persistence

Now it’s time for the fun part: action! Start small, and focus on implementing one or two changes at a time. Take a class related to your passion, volunteer for a cause you care about, or schedule time for a daily activity that brings you joy. Every step you take, no matter how small, moves you closer to your ideal life.

Remember, change takes time and persistence. There will be bumps in the road and moments of doubt. Never stop believing in yourself or your dreams! 


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Madeline Jones

Understanding Autism: Promoting Awareness and Support for Special Needs Families



Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism: Promoting Awareness and Support for Special Needs Families…

In recent years, the understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has significantly evolved. Once considered a rare condition, it is now recognized as one of the most prevalent developmental disorders worldwide, affecting individuals regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic background. As we observe Autism Awareness Month this April, it’s crucial to delve into what autism truly is, the significance of raising awareness, and the pivotal role of organizations in supporting individuals and families living with ASD.

What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder encompasses a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. Each individual with autism has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, making it a spectrum disorder. Some may excel in specific areas such as mathematics, music, or art, while others may face difficulties in daily communication and social interaction.

It’s important to understand that autism is not a disease that needs to be cured but rather a neurological variation that shapes the way individuals perceive and interact with the world around them. Acceptance and inclusion are fundamental in supporting individuals with autism to thrive and reach their full potential.

The Importance of Autism Awareness

Autism awareness plays a pivotal role in fostering understanding, empathy, and acceptance within society. By raising awareness, we can debunk misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding autism, promoting a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with ASD.

Increased awareness leads to early intervention and diagnosis, which are crucial for providing tailored support and resources to individuals and families affected by autism. Early intervention programs focusing on speech therapy, behavioral therapy, and educational support can significantly improve outcomes and enhance the quality of life for individuals with autism.


Organizations Supporting Special Needs Families

Numerous organizations worldwide are dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by autism. These organizations offer a wide range of services, including advocacy, education, therapy, and community support. Here are a few notable organizations making a difference:

  1. Autism Speaks: One of the largest autism advocacy organizations, Autism Speaks is committed to promoting solutions for individuals with autism and their families through advocacy, research, and support.
  2. The Autism Society: This grassroots organization provides advocacy, education, and support to individuals and families affected by autism. They also offer resources such as support groups, informational webinars, and community events.
  3. The National Autistic Society: Based in the UK, this organization provides support, information, and advocacy for individuals with autism and their families. They offer services ranging from helplines and online forums to employment support and educational resources.
  4. The Arc: While not exclusively focused on autism, The Arc advocates for and supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism. They provide a wide range of services, including housing assistance, employment support, and family advocacy.

As we commemorate Autism Awareness Month, let us reaffirm our commitment to promoting understanding, acceptance, and support for individuals with autism and their families. Together, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of neurodiversity.

Instagram Accounts to follow:

IG @mrsspeechiep/
IG @specialneedsnetwork
IG @theautismdad/
IG @theautismconsultant/
IG @autisticprofessionalspeaker
IG @autismadvocateparentingmag/
IG @colorofautism/

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The Everyday Charm of Contemporary Poetry



The Everyday Charm of Contemporary Poetry

I love poetry! Why? Contemporary poems are more than mere collections of words.  


They are masterfully crafted symphonies of phrases that capture the emotions, images, and experiences of our lives. Most importantly, modern poetry is relatable. It’s a tapestry of individual voices woven together using free verses and abstract metaphors, giving its unique flavor. The impact of the digital age cannot be understated, as it literally transformed the stage for poets and readers alike.

Poetry holds a sacred power – a healing touch to calm the storm within us. As functional as it is beautiful, it provides relief from stress, enables deep self-expression, and acts as a mirror for self-reflection. 

via GIPHY 

The words of a poet carry wisdom and wit that can shed light on the everyday. Moreover, it provides an empathy portal, offering insights into others’ experiences captured in stark and heart-tugging lines. It serves as a creative outlet for emotions otherwise buried beneath the norm of conversation. Above all, poetry invites us to mindfulness, urging focus on rhythm, words, themes which provides a tranquil escape from the din of our busy lives.


Key Voices in Contemporary Poetry

Women Poets Shaping the Contemporary World

In honor of Women’s History Month, there are some remarkable women poets are making noteworthy contributions. Among them, individual voices like Rupi Kaur, Amanda Gorman, and Courtney Peppernell are creating ripples with their influential works. These poets traverse themes of love, identity, resistance, and feminism, creating poetic narratives that strongly resonate with women globally. Their work showcases not only emotional depth but an extraordinary linguistic prowess. The unique perspectives these women poets bring to contemporary poetry often uncloaks new dimensions in the reader’s mind. 


Creating Poetry

Have you ever written your own poetry?  



Creating your own poetry can be a transformative experience. It doesn’t just provide a therapeutic outlet for emotional expression but also serves as an enriching hobby. Simple steps such as observing your surroundings, drawing inspiration from prompts, and writing regularly can help you kickstart your poetry writing journey.

Writing your own poetry validates your personal voice and experiences. This creative process becomes a tool for introspection and self-discovery – exploring the depths of yourself and understanding your place in the world. Just as in any art form, revision and getting feedback are crucial in refining your poetic voice and developing your style. Through such feedback, you can continually improve your craft and evolve as a poet.

Making Contemporary Poetry a Part of Our Lives

If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 compelling reasons why incorporating modern poetry into your routine can lead to a more fulfilling existence:

  1. Broaden Your Heart: Poetry opens windows to diverse lives and stories, expanding your empathy. Discover the power of different perspectives to foster compassion and open-mindedness in every interaction.
  2. Spark Personal Discovery: Let poetry guide you on a voyage of self-reflection. Challenge your views, resonate with your truths, and grow in self-awareness. It’s self-evolution through verse.
  3. Soothe Your Mind: Find solace in the rhythm and reflection of poetry. It’s a therapeutic escape offering peace and mental clarity amidst life’s noise—an emotional balm for the soul.
  4. Inspires Social Change: Many modern poets address social issues, inspiring readers to think critically about the world and potentially driving societal progress.
  5. Connect with Kindred Spirits: Join the vibrant poetry community to meet others who share your passion. From readings to online forums, find your tribe and revel in the inspiration and belonging poetry brings.
  6. Cultivates Mindfulness: Poetry encourages you to live in the moment, savoring words and emotions, fostering a mindful approach to life. 
  7. Fuels Emotional Resilience: By exploring themes of struggle and triumph, poetry can bolster your resilience, providing strength in facing life’s challenges.
  8. Stimulates Intellectual Curiosity: The complexity and ambiguity of poetry ignite curiosity and encourage a deeper exploration of ideas and themes.
  9. Encourages Authentic Expression: Poetry provides a unique platform for genuine self-expression, allowing you to convey your true self and emotions.
  10. Offers Solitude in a Busy World: Reading or writing poetry can be a solitary activity that provides a necessary break from the constant connectivity of modern life.

Incorporating modern day poetry into your life opens up a world of emotional depth, intellectual stimulation, and communal connection. Whether you’re reading quietly to yourself, sharing your favorite poems with friends, or participating in poetry events, the art form offers a unique and enriching experience that can enhance your life in myriad ways.  


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New Plus Model Castings and Opportunities!



New Plus Model Castings and Opportunities!

Check out our Instagram Stories for daily opportunities and sales in your area

The world of fashion is bustling with opportunities waiting for you to seize them and PLUS Model Magazine is dedicated to bringing you the best opportunities to propel your modeling and influencer careers forward.

Check these opportunities below:

Added March 20, 2024
Model Search – Option 1 Chicago Model Search
Tuesday, March 26th from 2pm – 4PM
Ages 18+
Women 5’6 – 6’0
Men 5’11 – 6’3
856 N Damen Avenue

Added March 12, 2024
Models must be 18+
Must be in LA/OC area
Please email with digitals and/or portfolio along with measurements. They will respond if they are interested in meeting with you.

Added March 7, 2024
NYMMG In Person Open Call – BOSTON
Monday, March 11th, 12 PM -2 PM
By appt only, please email
(Address will be provided via email)

Added March 7, 2024
BK Style Foundation Casting Call for Fashion Week Brooklyn
Saturday, March 9, 2024
Location: Kings Plaza Mall 2 – 5 PM
Wear All Black

Added February 22, 2024
Casting Search – ABC & Colloff/Nicolo Casting are searching for Male 30’s – 40’s of mixed race to play a wheelchair user. Talent interested in auditioning should email a photo and contact information to

Added February 21, 2024
Hayley Elsaesser is looking for models!
No experience necessary… all ages, sizes, and looks.
Click to view more information


Added February 14, 2024
NYC Casting – Wellness Brand looking for age 40+ Men
This is a Paid Opportunity!
Click to view more information

Added February 7, 2024
J Bolin Model Casting
Ages 18+ / No Size or Height Requirement
February 24, 2024 – 10 am to 3 pm
1305 Wycliff Ave, Suite 120
Dallas, TX 75207

Added February 7, 2024
Milk Model Management
Open Call (In Person in The UK)
March 2nd and March 3rd – SAVE THE DATE!
More Information Coming Soon!

Added February 5, 2024
Natural Models LA
Submit your digitals, height, measurements, social media, and contact info to
Good Luck with your submission!

Added February 5, 2024
Curvy Kate 2024 Model Search
They are looking for fuller-bust talent (D to K Cup) to take part in their next campaign. Aspiring models are welcome to apply!
Click to view more information

Added January 13, 2024
Online Model Search – Dorothy Combs Models
DCM is looking for models in LA, Miami, and NYC. Visit the link below to learn how to enter the model search! Good luck!
Click to view more information

NY – Unsigned Models (Agency) Open Call
(looking for models of color)
Friday, Jan 19th 11:00 AM EST – 1:30 PM EST
Must arrive in all-black fitted clothing, no makeup or hair/lash extensions
All genders and sizes are welcome!
An access link is required and will be generated on the day of the open call.
Click to view more information


NY – Unsignedmodels Open Call
Friday, Jan 19th
No Height Requirement – you must wear all black, no makeup or lashes
All genders and sizes welcome
You must be 18+
Click to view more information

Added Jan 11, 2024
NY – Natural Models NY Open Casting
They are looking for all sizes and ethnicities and must be in and around NY. Please read the submission guidelines BEFORE submitting.
Click to view more information

Added Jan 10, 2024
NY – The Bigger Picture: Big +Tall Model Contest
The Big Boys are coming through! Mark your calendars Feb 10th @thebiggerpicturelive is setting the stage and creating the spotlight for Big & Tall fashion.

Added Jan 10, 2024
NY – NYFW Curve
CASTING ALERT! Ready to shine? NYFW Curve is on the hunt for sensational plus-size models to grace the NYFW stage on Friday, February 9th! Calling all body types, shades, and identities – your uniqueness is our strength.
Click to view more information

Added Jan 4, 2024
PA – Dreamwalk is Back!
DreamWalk is an inclusive runway show with musical performances giving people of all shapes, ages, ethnicities, sexualities, & abilities the chance to shine on stage and share their stories with the world. The event will take place at the Performance Art Theater + Restaurant, Fabrika on Sat, February 24, 2024 from 1 – 3pm in Philadelphia, PA.
Click to view more information


Added Jan 4, 2024
The Bigger Picture: Big +Tall Model Contest
THE BIGGER PICTURE  is a Consulting & Creative Management Agency that advocates size inclusivity for men’s fashion.
Click to view more information

Taking Shape GIVEAWAY!
All Aboard! WIN a Cruise Holiday worth up to $9,000
Click to view more information

Virtual Model Call for Project ZED
December 7th during Miami Art Basel powered by Miami Swim Week®
Click to view more information

Good American Open Casting
In-person and digital casting
Click to view more information

Check out our Instagram Stories for daily opportunities and sales in your area

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