Exclusive Interview: Reba McEntire on Her New Plus Size Clothing Line

Reba McEntire
Image: Dillard’s

Multi-media entertainment mogul and mom, Reba McEntire has become a household name with a successful career that spans across music, television, film, theater, and retail.

She has accomplished the incredible feat of 35 #1 singles and over 56 million albums sold worldwide. The Oklahoma native is also an acclaimed actress with 11 movie credits to her name, including Tremors, North, and The Little Rascals.

In 2005, Reba partnered with Dillards to launch her own clothing line and the lifestyle brand has since expanded into shoes, bedding, and luggage.


Reba recently debuted Reba Beauty and the cosmetic line’s first product, the Deluxstick, which can be purchased on

Reba’s energy and curiosity keeps her at the top of her game in the ever-evolving world of entertainment. She loves TO entertain and to BE entertained. She “still has far too much to say than to rest on her laurels” (Associated Press).

Now, PLUS Model Magazine is thrilled to share our interview announcing her collection is now available in plus sizes!


PMM/Natasha: How has fashion been important to you in your life?

Reba: To be honest, I never paid enough attention to fashion before I started designing fashion. When performing, I paid close attention to my stylists and how they dressed me. This really helped with my own design style. Ultimately, if I wear something that I feel comfortable in, my personality will come through. I wanted to give this confidence to other women.

PMM: Why did you start a plus size collection?

Reba: I wanted to give options to my fans and customers who couldn’t fit my clothes. I am thrilled and excited at how well it is being received at Dillards!

PMM: How would you describe your customer?

Reba: She is a Reba fan or woman who actually wants to look good and feel good in what she is wearing. I just love going to a concert and seeing women in my clothes. It is very exciting!

PMM: What advice do you have for a plus size woman who isn’t comfortable in her own skin?

Reba: You need to embrace yourself! God says to love and take care of yourself. Let others love and embrace who you are. Have fun and be comfortable in what you are wearing.


Reba has been inspiring us for many years. Now, she is giving us another great reason to love and support her!

Click here to check out her new plus size clothing line at Dillard’s.

Click here to check out Reba Beauty and here for

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