13 Men Who Are Dominating The Body Positivity (& Style!) Movement

body positivity

When people speak of the body confidence and positivity movement, it is often in reference to women. What about all the men who are considered “plus size”, “chubby” or “big & tall” and proud of their bodies? With the rise of the plus size male model, we are also now seeing more larger men emerging as bloggers and body positive advocates and it’s simply amazing.

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These men are not only celebrating their bodies, but showing off their unique style and exhibiting such amazing confidence, that it’s so easy to be inspired and empowered by the stories they share on social media through imagery.

Here’s 13 men that we at the PMM offices have major crushes on and think you should follow. Some are bloggers, vloggers, models and more, from all over the world. We love seeing such diversity and hope it inspires more plus size men to join the movement. So make sure to hit that FOLLOW button. You will not be disappointed.

#1: Kelvin of Notoriously Dapper


#2: Troy of @abearnamedtroy


#3: Riccardo of Guy Overboard


#4: Marquis of @ashleytisdick


#5: Kavah of Gentlemen’s Curb


#6: Darv of Darv Vader

"It's the climb" -M. Cyrus

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#7: Claus of Extra Inches Plus Size Blog


#8: Michael-Anthony of The Big Fashion Guy


#9: Adil of @adillokhandwala


#10: Dexter of @dexrated


#11: Syed of The Prep Guy


#12: Benjamin of @benjaminmontanez


#13: Francis of Lee’s Playbook

Who are some of your favorite plus size male bloggers and Instagram accounts? Drop their names and links below!