Style Crushes

Looking for style inspiration? We love seeing people of all sizes showcasing their individual style on social media, especially Instagram. They tackle different style takes on current and vintage fashion. It makes us look at fashion differently on a daily basis and love it even more.

We also love how confident these individuals are and how they put themselves out there, showing off their looks to the world. As always, we all have our style crushes and as an ode to those special people, we will be spotlighting our style crushes from Instagram weekly. Here’s who we are gushing over this week…














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#Repost @tallsmallround ・・・ #truthfultuesday: being a round girl has not always been a joy. For years I felt excluded from the joys of life that others experienced. It didn't matter that I was prettier or smarter, I was still Fat! In keeping with the transparency of this post I have to admit that it hurt and caused me to form a shell as hard as a turtle's. I wore the mask because I refused to let the world know how hurt I was. This was my truth for years. However over time I learned that I was so much more than what people saw and if they didn't take the time to know that, it was their loss. I encourage all of you who struggle with self-love and size acceptance to dismiss what others think and celebrate all that you know is great about you. It may take time to find your joy and see your beauty but it will happen and when it does… IT WILL BE ONE OF THE GREATEST MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE! It will define the woman that you become from that point and create a new and strong foundation to build the rest of your life. #tallsmallround #bopo #celebratemysize #goldenconfidence #fatgirlsbewinning #phatgirlfresh #mbib #roundandbrown

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Who are some of your style crushes at the moment? We want to know! Drop their name and Instagram links below.

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