sale season

Ahhh, it’s sale time.

That precarious time between summer and fall when it looks like everything is on sale. Currently, my email inbox is being bombarded with messages such as “Save 30%, 50% and 60%”! I have been literally sitting on my hands to stop myself from shopping too much.

Sale season can be hard to navigate. We all fall for the trap of buying things because they end in .99 or .88, where afterwards you end up with piles of clothes that you never wear and that don’t work with your existing wardrobe. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I have found that with a little preparation, I can make sale season work for me, instead of me working for sale season. Because make no mistake, I am a huge fan of shopping during this time of year.

Here’s a few tips that helped me in making great shopping decisions during summer sale season:

  1. Take inventory of our closet. Buy items that fill the holes and gaps in your wardrobe. This stops you from buying a bunch of unnecessary stuff.
  2. Take the plunge on designer items that you’ve been wanting. Now is a great time for huge discounts, especially seasonal designer bags and shoes.
  3. If you don’t think it’s going to work, then don’t buy it. I have two garbage bags full of clothes that I said I can make it work, that I never made work. Trust your first instinct and leave it for someone else.
  4. Check the return policy, especially for a sale item! Just in case something doesn’t work, you don’t want to be stuck with it.
  5. Sale season is a great time to try a trend that you have been interested in without breaking the bank, but don’t force yourself into something you really don’t like.

I’ve also included a few of my favorite plus-size sale items under $50 that I have my eye on. I hope this helps you navigate through the summer sale season! Now, get out there and find some great items!

What are some of the sale items you’re eyeing during this summer sale season? Comment below and let me know!

Jeniese Hosey is a 30-something woman from Birmingham, Alabama who loves all things fashion! She created her blog The Jenesaisquoi, to show women that style has no relevance to size or age. By day, Jeniese works as a PR/Marketing professional. Along with fashion, Jeniese loves football, traveling and food. She received her BA from The University of Alabama and an MBA from Capella University.

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